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Jamahiriya: the Muslim Homeland!

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Brothers! Sisters! Comrades!

Now is the time to join the Jamahiriya, the first alliance based on the principles of Islamic Socialism!


Nations of all religions are welcome in the Jamahiriya, save they obey our Charter!

If I may quote from our founding document:

Article I - Jamahiriya, Arabic for "State of the masses," is an alliance based on Islamic Socialism. Our primary sources of inspiration are the Holy Koran, Hadith, and the works of Muammar al-Qadaffi, such as the Green Book, which comes in three parts and is available to read on our forums. Our government is a three-pronged system headed by the Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution (our political leader), the Imam, sometimes known as the Caliph or Supreme Leader (our religious authority), and the President, elected in a free and fair election (our representative of the masses). The Islamic Consultative Assembly is our legislative body, comprised of all Jamahiriya members.

Comrades, Brothers, and Sisters! Currently, we have a shortage of government ministers! Are you interested in a government position in an up-and-coming Leftist alliance? An alliance secure in her diplomatic relations? Then look no further, the Jamahiriya can accommodate you!



An Ideology - Socialism!

A Religion - Islam!

A Dream - PEACE!

One God! One Party! One JAMAHIRIYA!

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I would tend to agree. Although I consider the organization that your imagery invokes to be personally repugnant, I cannot in good conscience presume to have you and your group driven from the game before you've committed any offense as some would like:


We may face each other on the battlefield someday, but it will be done on our terms, not those set by those who wish to serve as World Police to decide who may or may not be here.

Welcome and good luck.

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Asalaamu Alaikum brothers,

I wish you the best of luck, I would have joined you guys but I don't care for all the socialist and communist stuff. I was looking for more of an alliance that just focus on Islamic ideas and not western/christian ideas so if you guys every come across or know of another Islamic alliance please help a brother out and once again I wish you the best of luck on your alliance!

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Good luck. You will need lots of it because here, you will soon find out that the christian Americans who dominate CN in numbers don't like Arab or Muslim Alliances.

I was myself member of a secular and peaceful Arab alliance who was destroyed by NATO for an imaginary casus belli.

Anyway, just look at this topic to understand how you will be welcomed: just after announcing your existence you get treated of terrorist and threatened of war. :rolleyes:

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