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I recently sent in a donation of $20 via mail. Since I'm 13, I don't have a credit card, and my parents are (I believe) paranoid about using paypal, believign that someone can steal their credit card number or something. I tried and tried again to convince them, but they wouldn't budge. So, I finally decided to jsut send in the money. As you can tell, I live in Pittsburgh, and the money needs to get to Greenvilel Texas. I sent the money last Thursday. I included everything necessary: money, nation name, nation ruler, and even nation ID number. I did everything correctly on the letter, stamp, correct address, return address. I thought there was nothing else I needed to do, so I mailed it in. Now, from past experience, it usually takes a letter from Pittsburgh to Texas around 3-6 days.

I was wondering how often does Admin, or someone else allowed to check the box, actually check the box?

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