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Special Offer - $6million to join WAPA.

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hey guys dont miss out

We Are Perth Army(WAPA) are recruiting new members. Why join WAPA you ask? Well, have a peek at the benefits on offer

1. We give new members $3 million.
2. We give you another $3 million if you complete our training course (full support given)
3. We guide you to build your nation in the fastest way possible.
4. We can arrange trades within We Are Perth Army.
5. We offer you the chance to sell tech to help your nation prosper in an organised environment.
6. We teach you to fight and will always jump in to protect you and fight beside you if you're attacked.
7. We allow you to run your nation however you want. You can make yourself a peaceful financial giant or a war hungry powerhouse - within reason.

Why wait? View our recruitment video : http://www.youtube.c...h?v=5GaP5JYB6kY

PM me or Earl Dumarest, for more info or sign up on our forums here: http://www.wearepertharmy.co.uk

Join today and we’ll grow stronger together.

Sootyking (Samking)

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I found this on page 6, £6m availlable for joining the best wee alliance there is :rolleyes:

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[quote name='McGuigan' timestamp='1343485114' post='3016398']
Anyone still about? How does one join?

WAPA is still going.

You need to head over here and apply - http://www.wearepertharmy.co.uk/

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