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middle man for hire!


what is a resonable price for this?  

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i am currently offering my services as a middle man either to the highest bidder if several people are interested however if you are the only person i am yours as a middle man for any price over 1k per transaction.just please dont rip me off.if you have millions,dont just give me 2k,thats just mean,but if your a new nation or sevice then i can understand only being able to pay one or two thousand.i can have two aid slots at any given time so i can make your transaction in under 48 hours or its free!if i cheat you you may report me to whowever you please but if you report me to avoid paying the fee you will be sorry!!!on a happier note,i do a matching program so if you find a cheaper middle man that isnt you or a friend tricking me,as long as my price is still above 1k,and of equal or greater value after im done,i will slash my price in half!hows that fo a deal?a 48 hour garantee AND a matcing program!best of all,i take tips.

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You shouldn't accept anything less than $100k for being a MM, and most would pay $200k or more.

EDIT: And if you want to make money the best way is to sell tech.

i do it that cheap so im more likely to get a job and i really dont care if its a little bit,it's still money.but its really done on nation strength anyway,amount is volintary,but it says try to base it on your nation strength.

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