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Kneel before COG!


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The Coalition of Ordered Governments, better knwon as COG, is here and ready to kick ass. We are a military based alliance in the Black color. We do accept people of all colors, but we prefer you to change to black if you can.

Our mission in COG is to build and train the most deadly and effective army in the entire world. So far we have members from \m/, genmay, and FAN - all extremely experience soldiers. Using the wealth of military experience we have, we will train you, arm you, and shape you into a fierce fighting unit. Now, only a fool would only think about killing all the time in a game like cybernations, so we are looking for new people interested in diplomacy, and of course banking. No army can survive with just guns, we have to be able to afford the bullets to.

The only thing I can ask of you as a warrior of COG is that you are active. The one thing that keeps alliance running is activity. If you don't think you can take 10 minutes out of your day to come on to the forums and chat a bit, then please don't join. If you are active however, then you will be happy to know that you will be rewarded. If you are active on our forums you will be given cash sums to make it worth your while.

This is a link to our new forums. Forgive how bare they are at the moment, seeing as they are new. But with a little activity, they will have life.


See you all there.

that is all.

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