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Hello, thanks for reading my topic.

Lately, i've been noticing that most alliances are slightly too serious for my liking, and I know that quite a few people feel the same way. So, me and my friend Zoidberg have decided to create a new alliance, where we do not feel that cybernations has to be overly serious. Of course, we need to have a set boundary between fun and mayhem. Anybody is permitted to join, as long as you fill in the application and post it on the alliance forums.

This is the information you will need to join:

These are the things that you need to do:

-Join the white team.

-Put Custom flag 47 as your nations flag.

- Put LOLS as your alliance affilation.

-Post the following form.

Alliance Name:

Nation Stregnth:

Why do you want to join LOLS:

What can you contribute to the alliance:

Are you currently partaking any wars:

If so, why:

A link to your nation:

Have you put White as your nation team:

Have you put custom flag 47 as your flag:

If this is satisfactory, you will be pronounced a member of LOLS.

But please, post this on the alliance forum. Which is found, here: http://lotsoflols.freeforums.org/index.php

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