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Sword of Estel

Moderation Announcements

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Calculator Tools

by Sword of Estel

It has come to our attention that a number of player-created tools have been released recently. Some of these even require the user to enter their login information. DO NOT USE THESE TOOLS. To do so is to possibly compromise your own nation and/or your computer's security.

SECURITY ALERT: Do not use downloaded custom created calculators or other tools that purport to help analyze your nation, especially if these tools ask you to enter your login information. These tools can possibly compromise your login credentials and/or install viruses on your computer. Only use tools from sources that you trust.

Spread the word!

Private Exchanges

by The Mod

It has come to the attention of the Game Staff that users within the game have sent other nations real life money for in-game foreign aid. This is in violation of line 19 of the site terms of use located here. If you are caught doing so, it will result in your nation being deleted.

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Signature reminder

With the return of image tags I would like to remind you all of the current rules for signatures on these boards. As stated here:


Those who fail to read and comply by these rules will have their signatures 'fixed' without warning. You may have only 1 picture per signature which may not exceed the maximum size described below. You may have no more than 8 lines of text and text size cannot exceed size 4. Each quote-tag and image count as a line.

Signature pictures must adhere to a total area of 450x150. Please don't message the moderation staff asking for an exemption as one will not be granted.

If you are unsure of the size of the image you wish to put in your signature simply right-click (ctrl-click on Mac OS) and select "properties", which should give you the dimensions. Please remember: only one signature image no more than 450 pixels in length and 150 pixels in height.

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Regarding IRC and passwords.

Attention all members of the Cyber Nations community

Some users have recently been infected with a worm and/or virus while using IRC. While we have always encouraged separate passwords for your forum, game, and IRC accounts, it would be wise that you change them if they are all the same so you can protect your nation/forum account. All users should be cautious if IRC is not acting normal, and NEVER accept any .exe or other files from IRC no matter who is sending them to you.


~ Moderation Staff

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The Public Archive

If anyone feels that a certain topic should be moved there, they can PM me with a link to the topic and the reason(s) why they think it deserves to be there.

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Clarification of Clause 2 the Cyber Nations Terms and Conditions of Service

2. Cyber Nations is a free online nation simulation game that is intended to be a fun place to try your hand at ruling a simulated nation. The nations are not real, the money that your nation earns is not real, the politics, the wars, the religions, none of it is real. What is real are the players of Cyber Nations. By using this service you agree not to use rude, inappropriate, threatening, harassing, malicious, defamatory, or obscene comments, messages, ruler names, nation names or bios or any other such offensive or harmful content. Users agree to not engage in extortion of real life possessions of other players in response to in-game situations or vice versa. Impersonating any of the Cyber Nations staff may result in the player's immediate ban. Moderator Harassment will not be tolerated in this game.

Regarding the bolded part in the above quoted text:

Real-life possessions include, but are not limited to, offsite forums, domain names, offsite forum accounts, and any tangible possession or currency. It is the judgement of the senior staff that compelling an alliance to give increased access on an offsite forum through the threat of ingame action is in violation of this clause. There have been a few instances of this in the past few days that have not escaped our notice. In the interest of fairness to all parties involved we feel we need to clarify this clause so that everyone is on the same page regarding it. No action will be taken against the perpetrators of the recent incidents but in the future such things will be dealt with harshly.

Any further infractions of this policy should be immediately reported to the Cyber Nations Senior Staff for action. Don't argue with the parties demanding things from you, don't agree to hand over what they are demanding - just come to us and we will look into it.

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This is a reminder that the Open World Forum is NOT the proper area to advertise technology sales/purchases.

Please post threads pertaining to the sale of technology, donations, etc. in the BLACK MARKET FORUM. Threads posted in the Open World Forum will be LOCKED on sight.

Thank you.

The Cyber Nations Moderation Staff

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Open World RP Rules and Guidelines

First and foremost--ALL REGULAR FORUM RULES APPLY in addition to the RP guidelines. Read them. Learn them. Live them.

These guidelines apply ONLY in Open World RP and its subforums.


Open World RP is the epicentre of the game's broader political stage. This is where alliances forge and break treaties, declare and march to war, argue philosophy and pedantry. All posting pertaining to the alliance-based political structure of the game is designated in this area. This forum is not for trade requests or tech deals! Please refer to this forum for those activities. Foreign aid requests are not for this forum; they go here.


Roleplay - Roleplay is acting, speaking, or playing in any manner that doesn't reflect you the player. Roleplay is make believe. It's fiction at its finest. It's not real. Therefore, anything you roleplay does not happen in real life. It has no effect on the game mechanics at all, it is simply used to amplify the experience of you, the player on this site.

In Character (IC) - In Character means that the player is speaking as the leader of their nation or some other citizen of the fictional Cyber Nations world. Anything said is spoken from the viewpoint of that character and has no bearing on the player's emotions or feelings in real life. Forums labeled as In-Character within the Open World RP Forum must adhere to this posting style. References to game mechanics, forums, and IRC are permitted but references to "real life" are not. A degree of OOC commentary is permissible so long as it does not make up the majority of your post, and only given that it is labeled with an "OOC:" designation.

Out of Character (OOC) - Out of Character means the player is speaking as themselves, a human sitting at a computer, playing a game. As this posting style is "beyond the game" it is expected that players will treat it as such and not bring personal feuds or broader conflicts into OOC forums. References prohibited in IC forums are permissible here within the limits of the forum rules.


Open World RP - This is an OOC subforum. In fact, it is the OOC forum for discussion of global politics and the game itself as it pertains thereof. Statistical compilations, OOC commentary and reflections, and anything else OOC should go in this forum. Threads that are not OOC will be promptly moved by moderators to the appropriate area. Threads not directly relating to Cyber Nations should be directed to The Water Cooler. Announcements and reminders from the moderation staff will be made in this forum.

Alliance Announcements - This is an IC subforum. Alliance representatives may come here to post -- you guessed it -- announcements, updates, reports, newsletters, and the like. Whether it's a treaty, declaration of war, or just a restatement of policy, if your alliance has something official to say this is the place to say it. (Remember that alliance recruitment topics still go here).

World Affairs - This is an IC subforum. The hub of happenings in Cyber Nations, members of independent nations and alliances alike gather here for juicy gossip and drama alike. Discussions of trends and happenings on the political scene, of philosophy, of policy, and of anything else relating to game-driven politics that is IC goes in here.


The depiction of brutally inhumane acts, ethnic cleansing, and sexually explicit engagements or material, in image or text form, is strictly prohibited. Please remember in accordance with the forum rules that backseat moderating and mention/discussion of moderation issues in these forums is prohibited. Phrases such as "in before lock" and the like is prohibited. The unauthorised publishing of alliance nation guides is prohibited. The posting of any person's real life or personal information is strictly prohibited. All content is subject to moderator action/removal as is your account in accordance with the above and the forum rules. If you are unsure of the legality of something you wish to post, contact a moderator.


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The Moderation team has become aware of a trend in the In-Character subforums. Many players are making posts in IC threads that contain isolated words or phrases mid-sentence surrounded by [OOC] faux-BBCode tags. We would like to remind players that at this time such posts are considered attempted circumvention of the IC nature of these forums, especially where the overall meaning of the post is clearly OOC.

Please note that this does not prohibit OOC tags altogether, but merely the interjection of them into the middle of a sentence. The respective IC and OOC parts of a post should remain separated. An example of improper use of OOC tags would be such:

I haven't been able to keep up with politics lately due to [ooc]real life[/ooc].

An example of proper use of OOC tags, however, would be:

I have been too busy to keep up with politics lately.

OOC: Real life is taking up my time.

This topic is currently under discussion in the Moderation forum, here. Further clarification of the current policy on this subject may be found in the same thread, here. Users are encouraged to participate in this policy discussion; please remember to keep the politics at the door and follow the guidelines of the Moderation forum.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Edited by Manwe
Added clarification

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In the rare cases in which serious issues relating to people's real lives are brought onto the forums, as a community there should be nothing but support. However, we realize not everyone is so inclined, and as such nobody is requiring you to feign sympathy. If someone takes issue with how an individual handles a real life situation, they are perfectly free to not provide any support, simply by [i]not posting[/i]. These forums are not the place to criticize people for how they handle real life situations. Yes, posts are being removed and users are being warned. This is exactly the kind of scenario that the Questionable Actions & Content rule was written for:

[quote][b]Questionable Actions and Content[/b]
The forum rules are not designed to cover every scenario. Any action that is seen to be counter-productive or harmful to the forum community may be met with moderator action against your account. The Cyber Nations Moderation Staff reserves the right to take action against your account without warning for any reason at any time.[/quote]

We are not the Thought Police. We don't really care if you like, dislike, adore or loathe any other member of this community. It's none of our business. What is our business is when that is expressed through trolling on this forum. You are all perfectly capable of finding relevant information and expressing your opinion on it through a medium other than this forum.


Basic courtesy is expected when posting out-of-character, and not mentioning out-of-character situations is expected when posting in-character. There is no room in the rules for mocking someone for an out-of-character situation. If you feel the need to do so, find some other venue. This forum is not the place.

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[size=5]Clarification of Use of Out-of-Character Tags in In-Character Forums[/size]

Pinned threads in In-Character Sub-forums have been updated to further clarify in [i]one[/i] location the appropriate use of OOC tags that were previously linked to in [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=67504&view=findpost&p=1823292]this discussion[/url] and included moderation clarification on OOC tag usage.

[quote]A reminder of some rules that are important to remember in this forum, and especially in times of war when the feelings get heated:

[u][b]What is not allowed:[/b][/u]

* mentioning or alluding to "real life," including referring to a so-called game, a server, players, and other related terms.
* flaming. That's right, flaming is still not allowed, even during a war. Imagine that!
* spam posts and attempts to e-lawyer your way around what is considered a spam post (one-word or multi-word contentless posts, images posted with no, one, or contentless words, any combination of annoying contentless spam phrases, posts like "interesting," "this is interesting," etc that contribute nothing other than a +1 to your post count, "in before X" posts, etc).
* mentioning or alluding to Moderation issues or reporting other leaders ("your post is breaking X rule," "I'm reporting you for X rule infraction," etc)

[u][b]What[i] is [/i]allowed:[/b][/u]

* telling the world about your alliance/alliance business or sharing your opinion about other alliances/alliance business as a leader of your nation.
* mention of IRC and forums. These are considered as means of communications between leaders.

[i]If you encounter what you believe to be a rule infraction, post it [/i][url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showforum=21"]here[/url] [i]following the pinned guidelines.[/i]

Alliance leaders, please feel free to encourage your members to read this thread and make a renewed effort to follow the rules. The ninjas will appreciate it.

[u][b]The use of OOC Tags:[/b][/u]

* Putting OOC tags around one word is merely attempting to circumvent the roleplay rules around certain words that fly in the face of what the roleplay section is about. Most notably: game.
* Using OOC tags around an entire post is merely a blatant attempt to make an OOC post in an IC forum without getting caught.
* Using spam to "fill" in a post that is made of majority of the above is not allowed.

For a further detail description of what is an appropriate and inappropriate use of OOC tags refer to Megabyte's post [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=67504&view=findpost&p=1823292]here[/url].[/quote]

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Small change to the in-game rules regarding Nation Sitting:


You will never be allowed to aid, trade, or war with/along side of the nation you sit again. Any outstanding trades or foreign aid will be cancelled and marked as cheating as soon as the sitter logs on to the sat nation.


You will now be allowed to aid, trade, or war with/along side a nation you have sat in the past. However, this doesn't change that you cannot aid, trade, or war with/along side a nation you are currently involved in a nation sitting agreement with - those will still be cancelled and marked as cheating as soon as the sitter logs on to the sat nation.

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Regarding Tinypic Links


It has recently come to our attention that there are issues with tinypic replacing images at random, in some cases, replacing the image with images deemed inappropriate for these forums. As a result, we have blocked tinypic links. If you are a tinypic user, please switch image hosts.

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Changes to the Moderation Reporting Forums


As a note to preface this thread, this thread is ONLY to announce the changes made to the report forums and any questions pertaining to such changes. Any other post that strays from that topic and/or discussion in regards to other moderation topics will receive a full warn for the violation.


All the forums under this main forum are now set up that when a person makes a report or request, such as warn level reductions or being unbanned, only the player and moderators can see the thread and discussion. 


The pinned threads have been moved over to forum announcements located at the top of each area.


This will help assist in de-politicizing moderation and reports as well as allow players to post without interference from others.


As a reminder, players may still also feel free to message privately any moderator.



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