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Orange Trade Circle

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Alright, I say we make a FF/C/B/F trade circle

Post here if you want in, I'll be checking this thread quite often. If you would like to join, you must be Orange so we can get the happiness bonus, or at least change to Orange

Acquired Resources

Pigs - Kaiser Jacob II

Wheat - Kaiser Jacob II

Other (Silver) - CountBaron

Iron - CountBaron

Spices - The God

Aluminum - The God

Lumber - Lord Monkey

Sugar - Lord Monkey

Marble - Aisrep

Cattle - Aisrep

Water - Mercenary

Fish - Mercenary

Needed Resources


So, post here if you would like to join the Official KJ Trade Circle!

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I think I got a guy, already on the orange team

Standby until tomorrow, I'll be getting a definite answer by then

Ha! Got him, start sending out trades, boys

Mercenary needs to buy a harbor though, I sent him the $$$ to do it, so just wait for him to get one

Edited by Kaiser Jacob II
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k i accepted some of your trades before i switched to orange (oops), so the team bonus was not tacked on. so i cancelled those trades, switched teams, and resent the offer. so don't freak out if you see a trade cancellation message from me because i already sent you another offer. sorry for the confusion :unsure:

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