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The Avenguard Crusade


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Every so often an alliance appears, one so great it name is rememebered for all time, made of the strongest fighters the CNverse has ever seen a memeber list that stretches into the thousands, an allaince so great and powerful its joining criteria resemble's that of the 12 tasks of hercules, one so great all tremble before its name.

that alliance...

isnt here yet so why not join the Avenguard Crusade while you wait? now with more cookies, punch and pie then any other alliance, join now...do it

Forums @ http://www.mysticalworlds.org/Avenguard/index.php

IRC @ dream.esper.net #Avenguard

Charter of the Avenguard Crusade Alliance


We, the signatory nations of this document, do hereby exercise our right as sovereign nations, to join together for mutual benefit. Such actions are human nature, and the Cyberverse is teeming with various entities of political and military might that stand as proof of this fact. In light of this, we hereby declare our unity for the purposes of mutual protection and growth.

Article I: Indoctrination

Nations seeking entry into the Avenguard Crusade are encouraged to make these desires known to the established government. After a brief audit of a prospective member's nation by a member of the government, the candidate shall be informed as to the status of his/her application. Audits enacted for this purpose will contain requests for information regarding, at the least: prior alliance affiliations, recent wars and foreign aid packages, and general level of experience in Cyberverse functions and politics. The results of this audit will be discussed amongst the staff of the Department of the Interior, and those who pass the audit will be granted membership, along with all rights and responsibilities included therein.

Article II: Members' Rights

All members of the Avenguard Crusade, regardless of time served, and regardless of station within the alliance, are entitled to the following basic, inalienable rights:

That they will be treated fairly by their colleagues, as well as by the government of their alliance.

That they will be under the protection of their alliance's military.

That they will be allowed freedom to express themselves on all matters of alliance affairs, be it directly or through representation.

That they will be allowed to grow as they choose.

Article III: Members' Responsibilities

Upon successful indoctrination, a member of the Avenguard Crusade is considered to be a citizen of the alliance. The freedoms that are entailed are meant for the enjoyment of all of the alliance's members, but they do not come without a price. The following responsibilities are expected of every member of the Avenguard Crusade, without exception:

That they will endeavor to act with a sense of honor and integrity in all their dealings.

That they will show proper respect, even to their enemies.

That they shall defend their alliance against aggressors, when such actions are called upon, regardless of cost.

That they shall bear true faith and allegiance to the Avenguard Crusade, and solely to her, at all times during the course of their membership within her ranks.

Article IV: Responsibilities of Government

The government of the Avenguard Crusade is designed to function with efficiency and purpose, for the security and progression of all members of the alliance. To that end, the aforementioned government shall at all times be held accountable to the following responsibilities; failure to adhere to them is grounds for an immediate suspension of the authority in question, along with an audit of said person's dealings. These responsibilities include:

That they shall always endeavor to put the peace and security of the alliance before all else.

That they shall not knowingly deceive the members of the alliance, their fellow authority figures, or any outside party.

That they shall, along with all other members of the alliance, bear true faith and allegiance to the words inscribed on this charter, serving as needed in her defense.

Article V: Repercussions

A breach of the responsibilities inherent with membership is a serious offense against the Avenguard Crusade. Those who are accused of such a crime will be treated to a fair assessment of the situation to determine guilt or innocence; any member found guilty of any crime against the alliance shall face the following punishments, in increasing order of severity:

Temporary suspension of aid priveleges, maximum of 2 weeks.

Temporary suspension of aid priveleges, maximum of 1 month.

Permanent suspension of aid priveleges.

Military disciplining by a duly appointed fellow member.

Expulsion from the alliance and possible blacklisting.

The government of the Avenguard Crusade is composed of some of the most trusted among her members. Punishments handed down against members of the Avenguard Crusade's government are not listed here, but, based on the trust that is placed in them, their punishments will be far worse than those handed down to regular members.

Article VI: Structure of Government

As already stated, the government of the Avenguard Crusade is composed of the alliance's most trusted members, each and every one of them sworn to serve and protect the alliance. Their hierarchy is designed for efficiency in this task, that their purpose may be carried out unhindered.

High Councilor: The highest authority in the Avenguard Crusade. While not a dictator, he is allowed to wield the authority of an imperator in times of grave emergency. This authority must be relinquished back to the Representative Council as soon as the emergency passes.

Vice-Councilor: The Office of Vice-Councilor is held by the second-in-command of the Crusade. When the High Councilor is absent, the VC is entitled full authority as the head of the alliance, with all rights therein.

War Adjudicator: The War Adjudicator is issued direct control over all aspects of the military of the Avenguard Crusade, including organizing the military, overseeing all wars in which the Crusade is involved, and so forth.

Diplomatic Adjudicator: The Diplomatic Adjudicator of the Crusade is charged with organization and control over all aspects of foreign relations, including establishment of foreign embassies, maintenance of consulates and embassies for visiting alliances, establishment of treaties, and so forth.

Internal Adjudicator: The Internal Adjudicator is charged with the maintenance and organization of all activities on the Avenguard Crusade homefront, including aid/trade maintenance and organization, and recruitment.

Ministry of the Armada: This ministry reports directly to the War Adjudicator, assisting in coverage of all military affairs.

Ministry of the Exterior: This ministry reports to the Diplomatic Adjudicator, assisting as needed in maintenance of all foreign operations.

Ministry of the Interior: This ministry reports to the Internal Adjudicator, assisting as needed in maintenance of all domestic operations.

Representative Council: The Representative Council functions as the senatorial body of the Avenguard Crusade; without it, proper governmental function would cease to exist. Those who serve on this council are chosen by the people, that they may represent them before the Crusade's government, making their duties of the utmost importance. All important affairs must be passed through the Representative Council, which also has the right to call an audit against any other member of government. Such audits are not taken lightly.

Article VII: Military Operations

Section 1: Offensive Warfare

It is the intention of the Avenguard Crusade to remain, as much as possible, free of the perils of inter-alliance warfare. Members of the Avenguard Crusade are entitled to wage offensive warfare--henceforth referred to as wars of aggression--as fits their sovereignty as individual nations and individual rulers. However, there are guidelines for such warfare that members are expected to adhere to at all times. First and foremost, wars of aggression are not to be carried out against any nation bearing an alliance affiliation. In the rare circumstance that the Avenguard Crusade is brought into a war against another alliance, members of the opposing alliance shall be exempted from this section of charter.

Section 2: Defensive Warfare

Member nations of the Avenguard Crusade are as responsible for the defense of the alliance as the government, in the line of alliance military duties. To that end, all members of the alliance are expected to aid as much as they can in defensive warfare, be it through direct military support or financial aid to nations that are able to fight in defensive operations.

Section 3: Nuclear Warfare

Nuclear-capable members of the Avenguard Crusade are encouraged to purchase nuclear weaponry, for the sake of alliance and personal defense. Under no circumstances are members allowed to use these weapons for first-strike purposes.

Article VIII: Aid

Members of the Avenguard Crusade are free to aid any fellow member at will, save for those who are restricted from receiving aid due to actions in contravention of the alliance's charter. Likewise, they are free to send aid to any non-member nation they wish, so long as the recipient is not involved in any ongoing wars. Recipient nations that are in wars will be investigated by the Avenguard Crusade government, to ensure that the Crusade is not funding rogue actions.


We, the signatory nations of this document, do hereby pledge our allegiance to the words inscribed above.

Grayson Thoril, High Councilor

Kandria, Vice-Councilor

Rann Gast, Diplomatic Adjudicator

Ataraxia, Internal Adjudicator

Wesley Vos, War Adjudicator


AGC; doo eet

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We also have an incentive program going, to keep the interior coloring from getting all one-way on itself:

New members who represent a minority trading sphere in the alliance will be granted $50,000 for every 100 NS invested in their nation.

...And we offer many cookies. :ph34r: So yes, join us now.

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