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Trade Guild - THE EIGHT PACK


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Every 20-30 days one of my trades lost, because of inactivity!

So i'd like to open here the Trade Guild "EIGHT PACK"

You have to have at least 15 tech, to be able to support the most important ressources! If you don't have so much tech, I will send you as present!

The Bonus Ressources you will support:

Tier 1: Construction, Steel, Beer, Scholars, and Microchips.

Tier 2: Radiation Cleanup, Asphalt.

Tier 3: Automobiles.

The Eight Pack

Aluminum -

Coal - Sovetski Soyuz

Gold - Silesian Kingdom (TCB)

Iron - Silesian Kingdom (TCB)

Lead -

Lumber -

Marble - Lazlandia

Oil -

Rubber - Lazlandia

'Wild Card' - URANIUM - Jujutsu

Water - Jujutsu

Wheat - Sovetski Soyuz

Citizens: +8%

Income: +$43.5

Density before population unhappiness: +50

Infra Cost/Upkeep: -35.2% / -23.7%

Tech Cost: -12.6%

Land (Purchased): +44.9%

Land Cost: -10%

Land Value: 3x

Environment: +2

Soldier Efficiency: +42.56%

Soldier Cost/Upkeep: -$6 / -$0.5

Tank Cost/Upkeep: -12.6%

Aircraft Cost/Upkeep: -15.21% / -20%

Aircraft Limit: +10

Missile Cost/Upkeep: -20%

Nuclear Anarchy: -1 Day

Global Radiation: -50%

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I can be water and have the wild card of uranium, If I am choosen i will be hornored and you all will have the Max infra reducing Circle and i will never want to leave this trade circle. :)

I also have somone who may be able to take the oil and aluminum spot so please hold that spot and ill see if i can get him to join

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