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Come check out Darkfall!!!

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Hail, warrior!

I am Sabra Cadabra, leader of Rhodesonya, a member of the Darkfall Alliance! I come to you with an invitation to fill out an application for membership.

Firstly, you might want to know a little about the alliance. We are around 450 days old now, with an alliance strength of around 600k in 60 members. We are experiencing a period of widespread growth throughout the alliance, which will present a lot of opportunities for participation of all levels within our organization. We are a founding member of the Black Peace Iniative, a bloc treaty which helps to protect our members and those with whom we associate, as well as creating a friendly trading community. We were founded by gamers, for gamers, so joining here may lead to profitable friendships in more than one gaming universe.

Secondly, a little about what we are looking for. The Darkfall Alliance is known for it's fierce energy and steadfast dedication to our allies. We are there come hell or high waters. As such, we need to uphold that image. If you fit those qualities, read on.

Thirdly, we offer aid packages to new players as well as participation in a busy tech store. Really, we can't keep with up the demand! I know it makes you feel loved when your aid slots are full of monies and sexy tech. Don't you want people to love you and send you lots of money in exchange for techxual favors? Of course you do! So come and join us at Darkfall!

Check out our forums at http://z4.invisionfree.com/Darkfall_Alliance/index.php

Sincerely, Sabra Cadabra-Ruler of Rhodesonya

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