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who can i join?


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Join the Fellowship of Unified Nations. We allow tech raids on unaligned nations, whether or not they are inactive. We are actually called FUN. We don't go to war frequently and like it that way. We do however have generous start-up aid for new nations and programmes in place to help more established nations grow.

Go to http://z11.invisionfree.com/FUN_Alliance and check out our Charter.

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I want to join an allience that will

1) allow me to attack unalliend nations

2) Is fun!

3) Goes to war regurally

Join the Confederation of Independent States! Mutual protection at no cost to your National Sovereignty!

We allow members to attack unallied nations without restriction. No specific color is neccesary, either!

Since this is a new alliance, your nation can take a seat of importance!

Check out our new forum: http://z3.invisionfree.com/confedindepstat...dex.php?act=idx

Again, we are a new alliance; join us now and get in on the leadership!

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A perfect fit!

We are so war thirsty we entered GW3 when we had only 3 members. And WON! (Gato and SWF officially surrendered to us)

We value our pacts so highly that when NoV said: "we are attacking GOONS tonight" We said Holy Farking Walford! we are in!

(we didnt know IRON was going is we us and thought we would get squashed). Well.. We did the squashing!

We are small! we are independent! we are mighty! (read: dont expect much aid, but lots of fun)

Join us!

King Vitauts the Great

Protectorate of Curland, member of the hanseatic League, allied with Norden Verein

(PS what are your qualifications? number of causalties? number of anarchies? did you fight in GW4?)

Edited by Vitauts
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