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The Commonwealth of Great Nations.


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The CGN is a new alliance that was created through a merge of two alliances this merge was between The CNE and The GCSN.

The Commonwealth of Great Nations (CGN) is a new alliance that is growing and prospering. We offer you full protection and plenty of advice from experienced players. We are a very organized and active alliance.

Come check us out here.

------>The Video<------

Join Now.

Join Now.

Join Now.

Why the CGN?

1) Friendly and Active members that help with war, finance, trade, and aid.

2) An education system where you can get your nation checked and your questions answered.

3) A developing banking system that gets your nation aid when you need it.

4) Full protection from war.

5) Loans that help you grow and prosper.

6) Plenty of aid opportunities such as $50,000 for every five new members you recruit and $75,000 when you reach 100 posts.

7) We have an arcade!

8) and more!


The Charter of the Commonwealth of Great Nations


(Posted Image)

Article I: Government of the CGN: Powers and Responsibilities

1. CGN Members

All member nations of the Commonwealth of Great Nations are responsible for the protection of their fellow members. All members may also propose initiatives on any topic for the Assembly to vote on.

2. Chief Minister

The Chief Minister is the leader of the alliance. The Chief Minister will maintain veto power over decisions that have been made by the Assembly and elections that have occurred. If the Chief Minister resigns the Deputy Chief Minister will take power until a replacement is found. The Chief Minister has emergency powers to eject any person he/she deems is a threat to alliance security.

3. Deputy Chief Minister

The Deputy Chief Minister will help the Chief Minister lead the alliance. In the rare event of an emergency where the Chief Minister is not able to perform his duties the Deputy Chief Minister will take power. The Deputy Chief Minister is responsible for helping with the daily operations of the alliance.

4. The Assembly

The Assembly is made up of the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Foreign Relations, and the Minister of Domestic Affairs. The Assembly is responsible for voting on issues that require decision and initiatives proposed by the members of the CGN. The Assembly may also veto any vetoes made by the Chief Minister if any member of the Assembly calls for an emergency veto and it is successfully voted upon. For a decision to be made two of the three members of the Assembly must choose the selected option. All members of the Assembly must log in to the CGN forms at least once every day. Emergency elections will occur if any member can not perform their duties for any reason.

A. Minister of Defense

The Minister of Defense will deal with all wars and will make all decisions in war situations. They will be held with the responsibility of making and organizing all squads to create an effective military in case of emergency. They will hold one vote in the Assembly.

B. Minister of Foreign Relations

The Minister of Foreign Relations keeps track of and establishes friendly relations with all other alliances. They are responsible for organizing embassies, and resolving any problems. They will hold one vote in the Assembly.

C. Minister of Domestic Affairs

The Minister of Domestic Affairs solves problems within the alliance. They are responsible for keeping an updated record of all alliance members and whether or not they are active. They are also responsible for organizing recruitment and keeping the alliance on track. They will hold one vote in the Assembly.

5. Directors

There will be three directors who help run the alliance. They are the Director of Recruitment, the Director of Education, and the Director of Trade. The Director of Recruitment is responsible for organizing recruitment and getting more members to our alliance. The Director of Education is responsible for educating new members on how to play the game and making sure every member grows and improves. The Director of Trade is responsible for helping members find good trades and encouraging trading within the alliance.

Article II: Admission

Any nation joining the blue team and pledging an oath to the Commonwealth of Great Nations on the Commonwealth of Great Nations forum requesting membership will be admitted, after a prompt nation background check.

Once a nation is a member of the Commonwealth of Great Nations they are forbidden to join any other alliance in Cyber Nations or they will be banned by the Chief Minister.

Article III: War

1. Defensive Wars

All members of the CGN have the right to defend themselves from attackers. If they are unjustly attacked, all members within strength range of the attacker must help defend their fellow member unless they are unable to for an accepted reason.

2. Offensive Wars

All members of the CGN MUST NOT declare offensive wars on nations belonging to other alliances, except in case of an alliance war between the CGN and the said alliance. Declaration of war on unaligned nations is acceptable; however the CGN will not support the war unless it is approved by the Chief Minister.

Article IV: Amendments to the Charter

Any nation can submit an initiative to change the CGN Charter. If the Assembly approves the initiative (with a two thirds vote) then it will be passed and the Charter shall be changed. Also, any member may request clarification of any part of the Charter which shall be provided by the Chief Minister.

Article V: Expulsion or Impeachment

Any member can submit an initiative to expel another member from the CGN. If the Assembly approves the expulsion then the member shall be expelled. The Chief Minister can not be expelled. Any member can submit an initiative to impeach any member of the assembly. If two thirds of the members of the CGN approve of the impeachment in a vote lasting 72 hours, the member will be impeached and emergency elections will occur.

Article VI: The Election System

The Election system will start with member nominations, which will be held for 72 hours before votes are cast. Nominations will be held for the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Foreign Relations, and the Minister of Domestic Affairs. A member can nominate any fellow member for the elections. If a member wants to run and has not been nominated they may post their own candidacy.

Nominees may post their ideas and plans, basically campaigning for their position. Members may also ask the candidates questions about their plans during the 72 hour period.

Lastly, polls will be set up by the Chief Minister. All members are allowed one vote per Minister. Polls will last another 72 hours. All polls are opened on the 1st of every month. Upon closing, the person with the most votes for each position will take office immediately.

All elected government officials will hold office for one month.

Directors will be appointed by the Chief Minister and approved by the Assembly.

Article VII: Security

The security of the CGN and its members is crucial to the success of this alliance. Any nation found to be spying on the CGN will be ruthlessly dealt with. Decisions about this situation, as any war situation, will be made by the Minister of Defense.

This is a spectacular and well developed alliance that looks forward to seeing you join up and help our alliance grow.

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