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Question concerning nations' foreign aid records


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As the GPA Minister of Membership Compliance, it is a part of my duties to monitor the foreign aid of our members. Therefore, I have to be quite sure on how the CN foreign aid feature actually works. I now have a question concerning it, and I don't think this has been adressed before.

I've always been assuming that the foreign aid record is a "snapshot" of the moment the foreign aid offer is made; by this, I mean that once a foreign aid offer is sent, all the information is saved at that moment, and none of it will change afterwards, even if the changes occur while the aid is still pending. So, for example, if the recipient nation changes their Alliance Affiliation (AA) after the aid offer has been made, their AA in the foreign aid record does NOT change, even if the change takes place before the recipient accepts the foreign aid.

Am I correct with this? On most cases, this would seem to be the case, but I keep having situations that appear to go against this rule.

Thank you for your time,

Best Regards,


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