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Rigistering Question


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Dave here, was wondering when Rego will be re-opened, I'm new to the game... a friend told me about it, and I wanna get playing!!!

Another question; I don't have the luxery off a computer or internet connection at my place <_<

So after school, I just come up to the local libery and get on the internet to do homework... My mate said the game takes about 10 minutes just to log on collect taxes and pay bills and buy whatever... So I will have time inbetween studies,

Am reading through the rules about multi nations, and was criouse then seeing as i'm on a public computer what happenes then if there are more then one pearson playing??? I would like to play this game, but don't want to end up getting myself and other nations deleted :angry:

will be back on after school so I guess I'll check for responces in 24hours!!!

Also sorry but when you want to register on this forum you need to put in required feilds that I don't simply have because I am not playing yet, so sorry about that admin

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Fullmetal, registration is closed right now because there is a Great War currently. Once it dies down, reg should open up again. As for public computers...I wouldn't recommend it. But if you must, you should, once you can, create a nation and then PM a moderator asking for an I.P. check to see if you are sharing the I.P. with another nation. If you are, then sorry, you are out of luck. Try another computer, maybe? You are truly out of luck if all the computers are using the same I.P. to connect to the internet.

This is Great War IV, and it is dying down now.

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honestly unless a group of your friends are playing the odds that anyone in your town are even playing is very low

about 30,000 nations (many are probably inactive) out of 6 billion people in the world, heck even in america 300 million?

the odds you ever run across another CN player are slim to none, this is why they don't buy the "oh i don't have multi's i'm just on a public network line"

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