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I'm very confused and wish to play this game but I need to ask questions before I wreck my friend's account.

How can I tell if my IP is okay to create an account?

If my friend just logged into his account at my house, but didn't register here, am I able to register an account legally?

I just want to make sure I'm okay to play. :(

Thanks for your time,


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I think you can legally start a new nation. Just once you do, your friend can not log into his nation at your house again. And since his nation will have be logged in on your IP, I would avoid trying to trade with his nation or give/receive aid or be involved with the same wars with his nation as well.

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I think Rupert is right here. Your nation should be safe if you never interact with each other's nation. Wars, trade, aid, spying, etc.

Also don't ever log on again to your respective nations from the other's house.

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