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Global Democratic Alliance


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Charter of The Global Democratic Alliance

Article I. Preamble

This document is hereby created to protect the rights and freedoms of the sovereign nations of the The Global Democratic Alliance, a formal alliance which embraces and promotes world peace. The Global Democratic Alliance respects the rights of all nations to govern as they please while abiding by this document during their membership. The Global Democratic Alliance will not interfere in the internal policies of any nation.

Article II. Application and Membership

Nations who are interested in becoming a part of the The Global Democratic Alliance are always welcome. Just fill out the following.

Nation Name -

Ruler Name -

Nation Strength -

Previous Alliances -

Nation URL -

Recite the following:

I, (Nation Name) hereby declare my nation on this day a nation of The Global Democratic Alliance I vow to follow the rules of The Global Democratic Alliance, and agree to for fill all my duties, as i grow with my new found brotherhood.

The Global Democratic Alliance

Article III. Rules

1)Every Nation of the Global Democratic Alliance will not show disrespect to anyone in the alliance or outside.

2)Every Nation of the Global Democratic Alliance will never attack a fellow member and/or attack another alliance without permission of higher authority.

3)Every Nation of the Global Democratic Alliance will listen to all orders given by high authority(The government will never put you into a harmful position).

-If any of these laws are broken it will be taken up with the High Court Justices, to enforce the punishment for the Nation.

Article IV. Rights

1)Every Nation of the Global Democratic Alliance has the right to run for the government positions that are open to run for.

2)Every Nation of the Global Democratic Alliance has the right to put laws up for debate, if it passes in the debate it will be voted on.

3)Every Nation of the Global Democratic Alliance will have the right to protection against any and all attackers. If the attacker is a member of another alliance, the nation attacked must stand down and wait for further orders.

4)Every Nation of the Global Democratic Alliance will have the right to freedom of speech on any Law, Treaty, War, that the alliance is ever in.

This is the Official Charter of Global Democratic Alliance and this document we will base our life by and with this we will carve our own name into the Cyberverse.

Article V. War

1)It is strictly forbidden for a member to attack a member of another alliance, we, as the government, will decide if we must war another alliance, but anyone here declaring war on a nation in an alliance without permission will face heavy consequences.

2)If a member of the GDA is attacked by a member of another alliance you must stand down until the situation is figured out by a government official.

3)If a member of the GDA attacks another player non-aligned then he/she will be given no aid by any other member of the alliance.

4)All war expenses (what you have spent on a war) should be totaled and given to the minster of domestic affairs. Then will be given back to you, NO money will be given to those who started the war. Only to those that had to help another member or got attacked by another outside player.

5)If the GDA goes to war with another alliance ALL MEMBERS are required to answer to the call of war. EXCEPT the banking nations that will be giving out aid.

6. In a time of the Global Democratic Alliance going to war. A period of 2 days at the least will be given to allow all nations to prepare & organize & be notified of war. This does not include an attack from an outside power.

Article VI. Government

1)All Documents must go through the President to be Read and Signed.

2)All Military procedures will be in control of the Head of Military and President. If we are to go to war, it must be a written statement signed by Head of Military, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and President.

3)All Domestic Affairs will be controlled by the Minister of Domestic Affairs.

4)All Foreign Affairs should be taken up with The Minister of Foreign Affairs and President.

Article VI. Section 2. Senate

Senate consists of 5 members of the GDA which are voted into this position once every two months.

The election process for Senate is separate from the President's campaign. Members nominate themselves for Senate and are voted on separate from President.

Senate Powers

1) Senate can propose laws for the charter with a 4/5 vote. These will then be brought to the President. Which will be reviewed to be signed or vetoed. Only President and Minister's may enforce new laws or charter changes.

2) The Senate may be asked to judge on a member who have disobeyed the charter, on demand of the Ministers/President only: it will act as a High Court.

3)Every senator will be assigned as a deputy to a ministry. They will be assigned by the ministers and the president together.

4) Senate cannot vote upon impeachment of the President or Minister's. Senate has no controlling power over Fellow GDA members.

5) If a Senator resigns from his/her seat, or from the alliance as a whole, the runner-up from the previous Senate election will take the vacant seat for the remaining duration of the term.

Article VII. Elections

1)The election process with happen once every two months. Debates begin on 25th & and polls open on the 28th. Polls will remain open for 5 days.

2)Any member can nominate themselves to run for President.

3)The current President will choose out of the nominees who it is that he/she wants to run in government with.

4)The other party running for office will pick hes/her team he/she wants to run in government with.

5)The member's running for President can pick any one of the nominees and in the case that they both pick the same nominee for the same office, it is allowed.

6)Only one office will be voted on (President), once the election polls close then the President and hes/her elected Minister's will begin running the Alliance.

7) Election tampering and poll tampering- Any procedure that involves Personal Messaging nations to vote a certain way in a Global Democratic Alliance poll whether it be on the GDA site or to her nations will be considered a fraudulent practice.

Once information is brought forth of the activity of fraud the poll will

immediately be closed & be restarted after a two day period. The person or

persons involved will face the heaviest of penalties for tampering with a

democratic process.


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