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The New Pacific Order

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New Pacific Order

CyberNation's largest and most powerful alliance is opening its doors to those who are looking to grow and develop their nations in the safest possible environment in the game.

At over 950 nations, the New Pacific Order is home to the most experienced players in CyberNations, and we are looking to share that experience with you, together, as Pacificans. Here, the term,"we are only as strong as our weakest link" shines the brightest. Pacifican education is top-notch.

We have the type of comradery that isn't found anywhere else. Taking good care of each other is a major reason why our example serves as a lighthouse for other alliances to follow. For every problem that you encounter, the Order has a solution and will help you through it. Our strength comes from your strength.

The New Pacific Order has every department and program you can think of. It even has a Job Fair, to allow you browse through openings in various departments which will give you an even greater opportunity to contribute to the Order's success. We employ artists, writers, diplomats, bankers, leaders, soldiers, recruiters, professors, instructors..... and much more.

New Pacific Order Basic Facts (as of 23 July 2008).

- Never before has any other alliance had as many members.

- Our total Nation Strength is 18,654,659, with 2,728 nukes. This means that your membership is better protection than a nuclear arsenal.

- The NPO is home to 953 of of the game's finest nations.

- The Order has 23 active allied alliances and treaties.

- We are the sole authority over the entire Red Team, and extend our protection to unaligned red nations to combat tech-raiding.

- Our emperor is a cow.

View the testimony of an NPO enemy.

Watch the difference between winning and losing at CyberNations.

Come and visit on our IRC channel !!

For more information, you may visit our website at: http://pacificorder.net

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here, or send me a PM.

Pacifica REIGNS !!,

--Pot Face

Recruiter, New Pacific Order

Edited by King Pot Face VIII
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