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Happiness going down

General Hasim

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Few days ago I had like 39 happiness, and the last few days it's gone down 1 happiness a day approximately, I am now at 35 happiness and my collection is like going down every day despite my infra increasing as I buy it. GR hasn't changed signigificantly enough to be the cause, my pop density has stayed around 55-56 in this period, I have had no events, my trade partners have not switched colors (nor have I), I have 5,000 troops for 16,000 working citizens, plus I have been buying stadiums but I can't understand why I am loosing happiness so rapidly and for no apparent reason. I discussed this on IRC with some Invicta dudes, and they also couldn't seem to find heads or tails of it.

Just wanting to know what's the deal?

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It could be due to you sending off tech? How often have you checked it?

Also, environment plays a large factor now. Watch that and see what results .

Well GLR hasn't really changed since my happiness has been taking a downturn, so it can't really be environment that's doing it.

Regarding technology, I am selling tech yes, but I always take sure I have the money and have 50 tech before I collect. Also having no tech when collecting would mean my happiness would go right down, not like in 1 block increments as it's doing of the last few days.

Believe me, I have checked everything, is NOTHING that I can see which can account for this happening, which is why I have brought it up here, hopefully a game admin or something can check out my nation and see what's the deal.

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