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Order of the Nuke

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If you are according 2 the description then this is the alliance 4 you.

Here is our information and forum.


I would like to invite you to join the Order of The Nuke.We are a green and pink team alliance.If you join the Order of The Nuke you will resive a start up pacage of 100,000 ,5 technology ,and 200 soilders.We take pride in our military.The only thing we don't like about wars are attacking our own members and attacking some one with out permision.So if you think you have what it take to be in the Order of The Nuke go to


Hope to see you there.

Thanks for reading this message.

,General Trumbo

P.s. You can join if you are not part of green or pink team so you could just switch 2 one of those colors. When at the website make sure 2 register. Just copy and paste the website into your web bar.Oh ya make sure 2 fill out an application 2. :rolleyes:

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