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Not getting Team Bonus


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First, yes, yes, everyone asks this and the answer is always "They switched teams." I'm not that stupid. Second, the guy has since canceled the trade with me. This isn't me complaining about not having the bonus or asking how to fix it. It's just odd.

I offered a nation 3 mil to switch to Maroon and trade with me. He did, but I didn't get the Team bonus. I figured he probably switched after offering it or something, so I canceled and resent. He accepted the Trade offer, while on Maroon, and still I got no bonus from it. Now, unless he accepted the trade and then quickly switched off and then back to accomplish nothing but wiping the Team Bonus, that doesn't really seem to be what happened.

Since he is no longer trading with me, I don't know whether this really does anything, but I thought I'd point it out since it was a bit odd.

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