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goverment types


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8 days ago when i made my new nation after i deleted my old one when i pick monarchy as my main goverment for my nation and i was done with every thing so i ckicked done and next thing you know my people like dictatorship

even know when i started makeing my nation i got to choose that i wanted monarchu as my gov

sry if im so confusing

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i dont got a nation right now since i deleted it to make a new one and heres a screenie

of what i mean is in the red area the last time i made it that goverment type monarchy my people wanted dictator ship

wich i want monarchy in my gov type and i want my people to like it





i hope this works

how do i get my people to like monarchy

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It is impossible to "make" your people desire monarchy. The desired government changes randomly.

The box section is what thedestro wants to know:



But that's not until your nation is stronger. Woodrow is right that it's impossible to make your people desire a certain government at the beginning of the game.

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