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Anyone wanna make an new alliance


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Generally this is not how you do it. Generally you build relations with people, and learn about the mechanics and workings of the game. Once you have learned the mechanics you have to learn how the politics work and things like that. You need to become friends with a larger alliance who will protect you and nurture you while you grow. It's also a good idea to start up with a few friends.

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Alliances work liek this:

1. People get together and become friends. Easy, just be active in an existing alliance or on the boards, or IRL if you have CN friends there.

2. Decide that you should defend each other (how alliances started initially) or that you aren't satisfied with the current alliances, and want to express your ideas on the global stage.

3. You and your group write a charter, get everything up, internal stuff

4. You recruit peoples to become the next generation members

5. Rinse, wash, repeat step 4 again... and again...

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