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New gameplay updates


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First, I want to say sorry to admins if this doesnt belong in the right section. This is my first time making a thread on the big boards.

Second, please dont flame me as I am just voicing my opinions about the latest changes.

One thing I have noticed lately is how the most recent game update changes favor only one type of people. The higher infra-tech end people. Now, this may be good for some of them, but this is technically bad news for the rest of everyone else.

Way I see things, reason why CN is losing popularity is because of the fact that when new players want to play, they cant do much because there is not enough that offers to smaller end nations.

What these new updates are doing is making the rich go richer, while stunting the growth of the little man. These updates are hindering us smaller end nations by restricting us to only improvements. And what about when we are done with all the improvements? There is not much we can do but wait until we meet enough of the requirements for us to buy wonders.

Yeah, wonders arent for everybody, but look at what you are doing to the smaller nations. At least give us a break. Now dont get me wrong here, I love some of the new updates. Tech update? Great idea, logical and makes sense. Spy operations? Why wasnt this thought of sooner? In game update reports? Goddamn genius. But adding more wonders that "Requires 8,500 infrastructure, 2,000 technology, National Research Lab, Pentagon Wonder." Come on. Give us a chance here.

The point I am trying to make is that these new updates are only improving those who already have enough. This also discourages new players who want to get into the game. So, what I purpose is that instead of making new wonders that only benefit the top 200 nations, lets start bringing in improvements that beneft the rest of the 30,800 nations who dont stand a fighting chance against wonders such as, Requires 6,000 infrastructure, 2,000 technology, or Requires 14,000 infrastructure, 3,000 technology, Great University, National Research Lab.

Your thoughts?


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Wonders are supposed to be late game things – to keep the high infra and tech nations playing. Without them the top 2 or 3% would have finished the game, get bored and leave. There always needs to be something which is hard to reach.

You said it in your post, Admin is implementing changes for the high end (new wonders), but also for everyone (tech damage update, environment, resource updates, spies etc). He's also seriously considering a navy (see Suggestion Box) which, if implemented, would be there for everybody.

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See, there's the thing. Wonders are no longer what they were when initially introduced into the game.

When purchasing national wonders do not expect a huge return for your investment. That is not the point behind national wonders. Instead, national wonders are intended for those nations who are reaching the very peak of their nation development due to nearing maximum development in infrastructure, land, improvements, etc... to give those nations a slight push above their competition.

Due to the latest few changes, and the increase in the average size of a nation on Bob, wonders are required investments if you have a fairly large nation and either want to try to catch up to the top ranks, or just want to keep your nation from withering.

Small nations can still grow fairly well if and only if they join alliances that are freeflowing with startup aid. Left to their own devices, most small nations and new players will gain no enjoyment from the game as it frustrates them to grow even the slightest amount. I wonder if there's some way to scale the environment changes in some manner related to a nation's amount of infra/tech/etc, the way upkeep cost and purchase price are scaled.

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I prefer to think of it in terms of giving us small nations something to look forward to in a year or so, and hence a reason to keep playing.

^This. When I see a new wonder being added I'm like, damn, I cant wait to get me one of those.

These updates are hindering us smaller end nations by restricting us to only improvements. And what about when we are done with all the improvements? There is not much we can do but wait until we meet enough of the requirements for us to buy wonders.

You say that you must wait to buy wonders, but if you have all of the improvements, you should already be buying the first couple, like the SM and SSS.

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