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Bankers Green Trading Circle!!! Need Iron, Lumber, Wheat, and Aluminum!!!


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This was originally posted on the GGA forums:

*Happiness Booster/Banking Circle*

Bonuses Gained in this Circle

Fast Food



Aluminum - Xeris88

Cattle - meyer0095

Fish - In Spades

Iron -

Lumber - Xeris88

Marble - The Parasite

Pigs - meyer0095

Spices - Mirage_Malvik

Sugar - Mirage_Malvik

Water - The Parasite

Wheat -

Wild Card- In Spades(Gems)

Everyone must sign this contract:

1. You agree to maintain these trades for a minimum period of 120 days.

2. If you wish to exit the trade circle after 120 days you must provide 30 days written notice to everyone in the trade circle.

3. In order to preserve my aid slots, I will pay the incentive to each trade circle member over staggered 10 day periods, so I can't pay everyone on the first day.

4. You acknowledge that it may be necessary to drop someone from participating prior to completing the circle if the requisite resource combinations cannot otherwise be obtained. In other words, the circle isn't complete and you aren't eligible for the incentive until the circle is fully committed to with each resource slot filled.

5. You must be on Green so that team bonuses apply.


Nation Name:

Ruler Name:


I (Ruler) of (Nation) agree to all of the terms.

If you do not have a harbor, I will give you the 3 mil a little earlier than everyone else, so you can build a harbor.

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Also being on this trade circle, I will help out with the 3-million incentive. Given as such, you will receive your 3-million either when the trade is accepted, or 10-days afterwords. Hardly a wait at all, considering the bonuses of this circle.

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