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Mostly Harmless Alliance


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Mostly Harmless Alliance

Greetings! The Mostly Harmless Alliance is a democratically run alliance residing on the Aqua Team; however, applications are open to all colors. You can find our forums here.

The MHA Way

The Alliance's Identity - Written by Working_Class_Ruler

The MHA shall be known as an Alliance of both mateship and dignity. We are the ones taking it easy and never panicking. We will have our close allies and our acquaintances. The MHA shall know no enemies as they too will become our friends. Our membership will respect the MHA Way as being one of freedom of speech, respect for each other, having a laugh, and enjoying the 'Verse.

The MHA Way is not to serve yourself. Every opinion is sacred, but we shall always respect the needs of the many. Our nations belong to the MHA. They are concurrently both the means in which we help each other and also beckons of prosperity, growth, and strength. You shall never be alone in the MHA, as long as you are ready to involve.

We are an alliance. We are a family. We are the MHA.

The Mostly Harmless Policies

The MHA is an Aqua Alliance. It is our official color. As you are new, it will be easy for you to change your Team Color to Aqua - check out Academy Orientation to learn how. We also have a candidate for the Aqua Team Senate, which gives us special powers in the Aqua Team.

Vote for Johson of Damaskus for Aqua Senate!


We expect all members to remain in contact with the Alliance. Bookmark the forum page and check in as often as possible. Obviously RL > CN, and your time may sometimes be stretched, but do come in as there's always something going on. And by staying silent, you'll only miss out on opportunities, cash, and promotions.

Membership also means you represent this alliance. While posting in public arena's, you are the MHA. We ask all members to main respectful and polite to all other alliances. Failure to do so will mean a review of your membership and possible disciplinary actions through the court. We have worked hard to build a steady reputation as an honorable and respectful alliance. Please, at all times, remember you represent us and act accordingly.

Forum Behavior

You may never discuss internal alliance business in public locations. The areas painted in aqua, the CN forum, IRC and our shoutbox are viewable to the general public and anyone can see what you're saying. At all times when posting in these areas, never reveal any sensitive information or discuss Alliance policy. You will be Warned if you break this rule.

Wars + Tech Raiding

Never attack another nation under any circumstances without permission.

By doing so, you will not only get yourself in trouble but the alliance as well. You will be endangering your fellow nations and the MHA as a whole by "going rogue" (attacking others without permission). Don't worry, you will get a chance to flex your war muscle - but only with approved targets and under our circumstances. If you cannot handle this – leave now.

Tech Raiding is attacking unaligned, inactive nations for their tech. This is firmly against MHA policy. Never commit any forms of Tech raiding. Doing so will mean you're labeled a rogue and expelled. We do this because far too many times, it will end up getting the Tech Raider in trouble and you will see all your hard work destroyed.

Alliance Structure: Triumvirate and Ministry

On November 20th the first chants for change began as the idea was proposed to replace our Senate and Overseers with a simple system of a Triumvirate, and Ministers. In essence, it took our existing Government and turned it on it's head. Our Triumvirs were given the power to run the alliance. Swift, decisive and actively. They would be the best of the best - the top members in the alliance would be running the show. And with them came the Ministers; five organizers, planners, specialists in their fields. They would each focus on one of the major areas of operations for the alliance - War, Economy, Communications, Members, Diplomacy. The call had gone out for change and the MHA responded.

IRC channel: #MHA

IRC server: Coldfront

Our doors are always open to you, join us and share:

Democratic governance: You elect our leaders. Everyone has a say in what the alliance does. We've been one of the fastest growing alliances for some time, and recently became sanctioned. Helpful manuals and advice; Great diplomatic connections: we're a member of the Continuum. Tech trading market, with a surplus of small nations looking to sell and buy tech. A very capable banking system, able to help our smallest members through aid chains, bakery pushes, siblings and prizes. Access to over 500 trading partners.

The MHA is an Aqua alliance, but other colors are welcome as well.

If you are interested in joining, here's how:

1. Register on our forums.

2. In the Gate of Entry, make a new thread with your application information. Directions on posting your data can be found in this thread.

3. Set your alliance affiliation to Mostly Harmless Alliance once you are masked as a member.

4. New members must pass a quiz and have signed up for a tech deal before they are able to become full members. Once they have graduated, they are masked as full members and become eligible for aid chains, member services and positions.

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