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The North Atlantic Defence Organization

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The North Atlantic Defence Organization


The official flag of NADO

Why join? We will provide information on how to rule your nation and acheive victory over opponets.

Government Positions open!

The Constitution of the NADO Alliance

Version Number 1.5


The North Atlantic Defence Organization has been established to make much weaker nations much stronger by giving them information about Cybernations. Each nation is to be treated fairly and respected by the many other glorious NADO nations. The members are given the right to vote and freedom of the speech, but of course these rights must be protected by laws that limit the government and the peoples rights. This constitution states how this alliance will be ruled, treated, and taken care of over time. Each topic is placed into a Section. Other sub-topics are placed into an Articled.

Section 1: Government

The government of NADO has been officially ratified by many members, many of which put an idea or two into the government idea. The government is separated into four main groups, each with a specific task. Each group has a limited factor in their power and can and will be impeached by the Senate.

Article 1: The President

The president has the main job of ruling the NADO, along side with many other people. The president's ideas are indeed discussed between many of the governments sections.The President is allowed to be impeached by the senate.

Article 2: The Chancellor

The chancellor's job is to rule along side with the president to allow a more stable and fair government. The Chancellor and the President get word of what the alliance is to do before the decision is made, by discussing it with each other and coming to the conclusion of what to do.He/She can be impeached.

Article 3: The Ministries

The four ministries of the NADO include the Minister of Foreign Affairs, The Minister of the People, The Minister of Trade and Finance, and The Minister of Defense. Each ministry has a specific task also. Each of the Ministries is broken down into four sub-topics.

The Minister of Trade and Finance

He/She has the main job of sorting out trades and setting up the procedure of tech deals, and the giving away of foreign aid. His powers are limited only to do financial jobs. Failure to do so will conclude in Senator Court decision. These decisions could conclude in removal of power. Their power is limited to 1 month service.

The Minister of Defense

He/She has the task of giving orders to Kangaroo Warriors to defend the TKP. He must get approval of the President and the Chancellor to change Defcon Levels. The MoD must completely make Kangaroo army divisions and Luftwaffe divisions for the defense of NADO. Their power is limited to 1 month service. Failure to do ones job will conclude in Senator Court decision.

The Minister of the People

Gets peoples opinions on what to do with a decision and announces them to the other Ministries. All of his/her powers are limited. He/She must not interfere with other ministries tasks. Their power is limited to 1 month service. Failure to do ones job will conclude in Senator Court decision.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs

Conducts the diplomatic system and passes all foreign embassies to be built. Their power is limited to 1 month service. Failure to do ones job will conclude in Senator Court decision.

Article 4: Senators

The senator's job is to come up with and pass laws to the ministries and later to the Rulers, so that they can make the NADO more established. They also hold court sessions if one does something illegal. They also have the task of impeaching any other governmental member if they are abusing their powers.

Section 2: Laws

1. No tech raiding active/aligned nations

2. Do not spy on alliances

3. Be an active member

4. Be kind and fair to other members

5. Be kind to other alliance nations

6. ask for aid only when you know you need it

7. do not beg for aid

8. follow leaders orders

9. Do not abuse your powers

10. Keep Defcon on 5 (unless at otherwise told to not to)

11. War is to be declared by both President Chancellor and MoD


The conclusion to this constitution is that all men and women and children shall be treated fairly under these northern skies. The phrase "Gott Mit Uns Alle" is the official phrase for saving our beloved alliance. It means God With Us All in German.


We do accept embassies!!


Current Government

President: Mauser von Neunkopf

Chancellor: unknown

Ministers: unknown

Senators: unknown

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uh alright then? Any ways, we really need mambers. Please Join.

No really, chose a new name. North Atlantic Defense Coalition/Organization. See how the 2 can be mixed up? I suggest something like, North Atlantic Alliance or something similar. You'll keep your theme, but won't get people thinking you're the Coalition.

Edited by Arabland
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