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Are 4 BG rings dead?

Ephriam Grey

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Hey - my alliance organizes alot of 4 BG sets - that is, Construction, Steel, Fine Jewelry and Affluent Population sets - I'm a big fan of them, because they utilize the less popular resources.

My question is, are these rings dead with these new changes? These sets have coal in them, but no water to balance out the effect. Is this going to be a disaster for those nations?? Should I reorganize these rings to work in water?

Here's the baseline stats for such a ring, not including one wildcard resource:

Initial infrastructure cost: -39%

Infrastructure upkeep: -18%

Population increase: 13%

Citizen income increase: $10

Population happiness increase: 10.5

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I make a TON of trade circles at the CAFE. I suspect most everyone in aqua knows about this, but you may not.

Successful 4BR circles are going to be much, much harder to make and keep together now. The reason for this is that making them before relied on getting together a guy with iron and silver, aluminum and wine, marble and gold... etc.

That won't work now. Players with a construction resource and an income booster will just look for circles where they can contribute one construction resource and the income booster. Quite a few of them will find spots too, now that coal and uranium are newly poisonous.

I consider the circle type effectively dead.

The only thing to do is lose construction, keep iron and lumber, and get water and cattle. Then you'll have an income circle, but you'll always have to temp trade to buy infra.. which will suck bad for the smaller nations. :(

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