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The Shadow Armada

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The Shadow Armadas Government

Term 1

Minister of Guidance- Lt Routon

Minister of War- Warlord of Germania

Minister of Foreign Affairs- Reign of Havok

Minster of Economics- Tsar Nicholas

Minister of Recruitment- backwardskills

Minister of Secruity - th3shadow889



We are The Shadow Armada. An alliance formed by a strong band of brothers and sisters . We have one common goal, to become an elite alliance in cyber nations. We will accomplish this with honor, hard work, and teamwork. We are an alliance built on the ideas of perfection. We believe that knowledge and strategy will win the battle over strength. We believe that as a strong brotherhood we will not be stopped and will be victorious. Victory or Death is our motto. We will strive ourselves to perform at 100% at all times. Failure is not an option. We follow the code of the Armada to its fullest.We are a neutral alliance but if one of our brothers or allies is harmed we will stop at nothing to punish the criminals. We are The Shadow Armada. We are Peace. Viva La Armada!


To become a member of The Shadow Armada the following is required.

Nation Name:

Nation Ruler:

Nation Strength:

Nations Link:



Previous Alliances:

Also the nations are required to read and sign the code of the armada.

Code Of The Armada.

1. Thou shall not commit harm against thy brother, you are never to attack your fellow members unless ordered

2. Thou shall not spy or commit treason within the Armada, back stabbers will be hanged.

3. Thou shall not ignore government orders, leave during times of war, or damage our forums.

4. Thou shall not surrender to thy enemy unless given orders to do so, we expect you die along side us if you must

5. After Receiving a full warn you shall be banned and placed on our ZI list

6. Thou shall not feed on us for money, if we find this out you may suffer consequences

7. Thou shall treat our allies and members with respect, in game and on forums, the pub is for laughing matters.

8. You may leave The Shadow Armada at anytime beside war time, but you must give a 5 days notice and repay all aid received in the last 25 days

9. Finally you must remain active on the forums and your nation, you will be removed unless you give us before hand info of your inactivity.

The Shadow Armada is an alliance set on building itself into a power house, also a place to enjoy cn to the best of its abilities. Please sign this and you will become a member of the Armada. Viva La Armada! Viva Victory!

Post the following

I (User Name) Of the (Nation Name) declare my loyalty to The Shadow Armada and will obey the Code of the Armada to the fullest extent. I understand the consequences and the Power of the Armada

Removal From The Armada

Any member of The Shadow Armada may be removed at anytime by a vote by the ministers or if a immediate threat by the Minister of Guidance. The member that has been removed has a right to a trial and will be set up a court case if requested.


The Shadow Armada has several positions in the alliance, but every position has a say in the Armada. Everyone is given equal right unless they misuse them in a way it hurts the Armada. The following is the structure of the armada.

TSA Citizen

The base member of the armada. Has been accepted, signed the code of the armada. Has been masked by a minister and has signed into the military. Remains active or citizenship lost. Has the right to vote. Freedom of speech given

TSA Councilman

A councilman is an elite citizen appointed by a minister to vote on important events and situations, they are extremely active and have shown they are an important role in the Armada. All Ministers are considered councilman as well. Councilman status can be removed by a 3/4 in favor citizen vote.


The Government of The Shadow Armada is divided into 7 minister spots. Each one has equal say, but in times of crises the Minister of Guidance can be given emergency power by at least 2 councilman. All ministers should be respected and greeted as Sir when talked too. They have authority to give orders, access the abby, and authorize attacks. A vote for Ministers will take place every 4 months

Minister of Guidance

The responsibility of the Minister of Guidance is to monitor the departments and assist the ministers in anyway possible to help out the alliance. They also are responsible for membership advice and diplomatic duties.

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Head of Diplomatic relationships, appoints diplomats to engage with alliances and creates embassies for respected alliances. Creates treaties for alliances and is responsible for maintaining a solid diplomatic relationship for the armada's allies.

Minister of Finance

Controls the money of the Armada. Distributes aid between our members and maintains the big brother program and tech deals. Responsible for aid in times of war, and authorizes when aid is given out.

Minister Intelligence.

Responsible for information gathering of our allies and threats. Keeps eyes on our nations for attacks and spying , researches forums for wars and possible threats. Presents reports to the ministers in times of wars. Acts as a diplomat as well in times of crisis.

Minister of Security

Responsible for the safety of the alliance on the inside, Acts as judge in trials, and keeps eyes out for inside threats and such. Head of our SP. Runs background checks on new members

Minister of Defense.

The Sword of the Armada. Organizes divisions and coordinates attacks in times of war. Authorizes tech raids and maintains military order. Offers advice to members and appoints Deputies to help him in his duties.

Minister of Speech

The Public speaker of the alliance. Announces special degrees of the Armada , such as surrender terms, treaties , and other important matters

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Tired of getting tech raided? We offer 1 million sign on bonus and protection...we are protected by ODK and have a good solid crew...I am the Minster of War and will make you a military powerhouse...We also allow tech raiding to let our members get some action and profit...o/ The Shadow Armada...


Edited by Warlord TSA
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The Shadow Knights Pact

ODK-TSA Protectorate


In order to grow and prosper the The Shadow Armada (TSA) and the Order of Dark Knights (ODK) have come together to form a pact to signify to the world their presence and will to grow and survive.

Article I: Sovereignty

All signatories of this pact shall retain their individual state as sovereign and self governing alliances.

Article II: Nonaggression

All signatories of this pact are to share a common and enforced state of nonaggression toward each other. No member nation of the signatory alliances will be permitted to perform an act of aggression toward another member nation of this pact. In the event that this state of nonaggression is breached an arrangement of reparations must be reached and agreed upon by both parties involved. If no arrangement can be reached then this pact shall be considered null and void.

Article III: State of Protection

The ODK has chosen to protect TSA and in thus the following shall be law. In the event that TSA is attacked by an outside aggressor the ODK will aid TSA with military force. In the event that ODK is attacked by an outside aggressor the TSA will have the option to aid them with military force should it be requested. Before the TSA may plan or make any offensive attacks against an alliance, they must have the express permission to do so from ODK.

Article IV: Aid

All signatories of this pact will have the option to aid the other signatories in any manner they see fit. All requests for aid by one signatory to the other will be filled if able.

Article V: Intelligence

In the event that a signatory alliance finds themselves in the possession of information that might be useful or potentially harmful to one of the other signatory alliances they shall be required to pass it to the affected party. Due to the nature of this pact a selected member(s) of the ODK will be given full member access to the TSA forums to monitor and assist in any situation that might pose a threat to either alliance.

Article VI: Trade

Open trade shall be instituted between all signatory alliances to help build economic strength within this pact. Each signatory alliance shall create a special "Trade" section in there forum where Trade Requests and Deals shall be placed to be filled. All member nations of the signatory alliances of this pact shall have access to the others "Trade" section. All member nations of the signatory alliances of this pact will be required to follow the rules and regulations put down and maintained by each signatory alliances forums.

Article VII: Senate

In an effort to further protect the interests of the pact the TSA will be required to have all black team members vote every 15days for the Senator of ODK's choice.

Article VIII: Admission

All alliances are welcome to submit a request for admission to this pact. All admissions to this pact must be approved by all current signatory alliances.

Article IX: Nullification

To leave this pact a 72hr notice must be submitted to all other signatory alliance leaders. After the 72hr notice period the leaving alliance shall no longer be a signatory of this pact.

Signed for ODK:

Grand Elder: Thoax010

Grand Elder: Olivia8907

Grand Elder: Leader of Men

Minster of Foreign Affairs: Xeneth

Signed for TSA:

Minister of Guidance: Lt Routon

Minister of Intellgence: Leonidas the Great

Minister of Defense: Backwardskills

Minister of justice: Th3Shadow889


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In the interests of friendship, The United League of Nations and The Shadow Armada agree to the following terms:

Section I

Both alliances and their respected members shall remain sovereign of each other.

Section II

Neither alliance shall engage in or endorse military action against the other signatory. If a nation is found in violation of this they will be ordered to offer peace and reparations equivalent to the total damages inflicted. Should an offending nation refuse to offer peace and agree on terms of reparations they will be declared a rogue and will no longer be offered the protection of either alliance.

Neither alliance will engage in or endorse espionage against the other.

If a nation is to be found guilty of commiting such act, then reparations and punishment shall be enforced.

Section III

Both alliances and their respective members shall remain civil to each other at all times, especially in public forums. (biggie)

Section IV

If either alliance receives information concerning a direct threat to the other, the receiving alliance will notify the other signatory and provide the relevant information. (best possible intel shall be given)

Section V

Should either alliance find themselves in a defensive war, neither alliance is required to help the other either through aid or military action, however, as friends and allies this should not be unexpected by other alliances.

Section VI

Either signatory may terminate this pact at any time; however, the withdrawing alliance must notify the other signatory through diplomatic channels 48 hours prior to this, except when the countersigned has violated Sections II or III.

signed for ULN,

Rheebrosinc - President

W. McAdams - Vice President

MarineMan - Judge Magistrate

Jedi rojas - Minister of Recruitment

NoWarninG - Minister of Security and Intelligence

Signed for TSA

Minister of Foriegn Afairs: backwardskills

Minister of justice,banking : Th3Shadow889

Minister of Guidance- Lt Routon


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TSA - UA Treaty of Amity

The Shadow Armada and United Alliance hereby commit to uphold the following principles of non-aggression, protection, and mutual respect outlined in this Treaty of Amity.


This treaty is signed in good faith, and is based upon the noble ideals of friendship and cooperation common to all of us. It is signed not only in the pursuit of peace, which many times becomes stagnant, but in the hopes that both signatory alliances will work together to actively pursue a better future and to ensure that cooperation will take the place of violence and rash aggression.

Article I - Sovereignty

In the signing of this treaty, it must be clear that both organizations and their members will remain sovereign.

Article II - Terms

No member nation of either alliance will declare war on any member nation of the other, provide aid, be it military, money, technology, or knowledge, to enemies of the other, or commit acts of espionage against the other.

Article III - Respect

The signatory alliances and their members will treat each other with as much respect and decency as they would show one of their own members. Healthy debate and discussion as well as constructive criticism are not restricted, but alliance members are expected to show tact and consideration by going through the proper channels when addressing a concern.

Article IV - Assistance

Neither signatory alliance is legally bound to grant requests of military action or financial aid from the other. However, should such a request be made through official channels by one alliance, the other alliance is highly encouraged to participate and required to hold a vote in their council or other form of decision making body. If no request is made by one alliance which is in need of military intervention or financial aid, it is still highly encouraged that the other alliance participate, although nothing is required legally. In either case, in the event that assistance is granted, it should come as no surprise to the world community.

Article V - Withdrawal

If either signatory alliance feels that this treaty has been unjustly violated and diplomatic negotiations have not offered any sort of resolution, they have the right to withdraw from the treaty by the express will of their respective decision making bodies. Notification of withdrawal must be given to the other signatory within fourty-eight hours. Should this treaty be revoked by either alliance, a twenty-four hour grace period begins in which neither alliance may declare war on the other, after which no such rules apply.

Signed for the United Alliance:

Jack the great, Leader

DRail, Deputy Leader

Brilliance, Home Secretary

King Emperor Florian, Foreign Secretary

Sts900, Defence Secretary

Signed for The Shadow Armada:

Lt Routon- Minister of Guidance

Warlord of Germania- Minister of War

backwardskills- Minister of Recruitment

Reign of Havok- Minister of Foreign Affairs

th3shadow889- Minister of Security

Tsar Nicholas-Minister of Economics

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Gott Mitt UNS

A Prayer For Battle

Blessed be the Lord God of Hosts

The One and ONLY God - The Living God

Who is Father, and Son, and Holy Spirit

Who trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle.

Lord, you are a warrior - Your voice is like thunder, your eyes are like fire.

Grant me strength that I may give my account in battle.

Give me speed that I may hasten to meet my enemies.

Give me endurance Lord, that none may escape me.

Empower me, Lord, to utterly destroy this dark and evil foe.

You know the number of my days, Lord, and if I am to fall in this battle -

Grant that it be in a way to be an example for my brothers.

And grant that it be in a way

To bring the most harm and destruction possible upon the enemy.

And Lord, I ask one final thing - that you provide for and protect those that I leave behind.

For your Son and my Savior, The Warrior King.

In Jesus' name,

Edited by Warlord TSA
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