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United Federation of Socialist and Communist Nations


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The United Federation of Socialist and Communist Nations (UFSCN) is an alliance ran by a strong and stable government ever listening to the people who compose it. Based upon the belief that socialism and communism occur by both an authoritative and a democratic form of government.

Manifesto of the UFSCN

chapter 1 Establishment of Government

Article 1

Creation of the Federation Assembly

Hereto, the laws of the United Federation of Socialist and Communist Nations and domestic problems shall be assigned to the Federation Assembly. They shall have sole power over intra-alliance affairs. A speaker shall be elected to head the executive council of the Executive Department. They shall also elect 5 members to serve on the Central Committee. The Federation Assembly is the common ground of all members including people in the Executive Department or Central Committee.

Creation of Soviets

Soviets shall be created or regions on the globe that contain high numbers of member states. They shall consist of a local council dictating local domestic policy or powers delegated to by the Imperial Assembly. They shall elect a Soviet Delegate to serve in-coordination with member states. Soviet Delegates shall carry the number of votes equal to how many people are in that soviet.

Clause A

Should, member states not actively participate in the forums. Then the Soviet Delegate shall be considered the voice of the soviet.

Clause B: The Independence Clause

If a nation or member state request independence from a soviet. It shall be granted: guaranteed that activity is kept up by that member state.

Article 2

Creation of Executive Department

Creation of Executive Council

An executive council shall consist of the speaker of the Federation Assembly, Head Visionary, Head Commissioner, People’s Minister and the General Consul. They shall dictate the executive duties of the executive department assigned to it by the Central Committee.

Creation of Council of Ministers

They shall be headed by the People’s Minister. They shall dictate the policy of the agencies and programs of the government assigned to it by the Central Committee.

Creation of Council of Visionaries

The Council of Visionaries shall be over the aspects of the Doctrine and the ideas of the United Federation of Socialist and Communist Nations and its official dogma. And, its teachings and the spreading of those ideals.

Creation of Council of Commissioners

The Council of Commissioners shall dictate the fiscal policy of United Federation of Socialist and Communist Nations and adhere to budgets set by the Central Committee and Federation Assembly.

Creation of Office of General Consul

The General Consul shall be head of state for the United Federation of Socialist and Communist Nationsand honorary member of the Central Committee. He shall implement the laws passed by the Federation Assembly, Central committee, and Councils.

Article 3

Creation of the Central Committee

The Central Committee shall be over all aspects not delegated to the Executive Department and Federation Assembly. The Central Committee shall have legislative and executive power. It shall be checked by the Federation Assembly and the Executive Council.

chapter 2

We value military might as the a self-given right to defend a nation. But, are against any war that has imperialistic gains. Nuclear Weapons and other intracities are to be decided soon by the Federation Assembly.

Federation Forumns


Pretty much straightforward. Official Interpretation to come.

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Join the Federation today, where your voice is needed and is heard. Where socialist and communist ideologies meet together.

The UFSCN is a upcoming communist alliance that is perfect for new nations. We offer protection, a place to ask questions, and a good enviorment to hang out in. We have government positions open for those who are qualified.

I understand how people hate long recruitment messages, so ill end this here. If you want more info contact me. If you want to join or look around, go to our forum at- http://z11.invisionfree.com/UFSCN/index.php?act=idx

We listen to all and champion member nation's rights as well as what they ask. Its all up to you.

Everything is at your fingerprints will you take it or let it slip through your fingers like sand.

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