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aircraft bug


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when setting up an air strike i typed in the number of airplanes like this (keeping in mind i have a foreign air force base):

fighters: "45"

bombers: "015"

notice i didn't delete the 0 that was already in the bomber box.

i hit confirm attack and it says i have a fleet of 58 aircraft (45 fighters 13 bombers) instead of 60 aircraft (45 fighters 15 bombers).

i then go back and delete the 0 and it all works out ok, this is an easy issue for a user to fix himself but it seems to me that 015 = 15 (in theory)

also if this is something not worth fixing then i apologies for wasting admin's time :awesome:



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I looks like it interpreted it as an octal number. 15 (Octal) == 13 (Decimal). Octal numbers are commonly signified by a leading 0. I bet if you typed in "0xD" you'd get 13 aircraft too. I'm not sure if it is a bug or a feature, but it looks like this is what is happening.

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