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We are looking foward to hearing form you!

The United Federation of Outcasts (UFO) would like to invite you to join our alliance. We are looking for new and old nations who would like to be more noticed in their community. We are a friendly bunch of people seeking what’s best for our members and we invite you to take advantage with this offer.

Our official sphere colour is Purple. Our friendly purple alliances accept us allow us to actively partisipate on thier forums and irc channels (coldfront.net).

If your join UFO you can take great advantage of our government postions. We have positions for the members who wish to excell into a high rank. We also have a warm community or people who just wish toplay the game - we accept both people.

We have not ambition for war! At this stage of our early life we wish to live in peace with our former allainces on planet bob.

Our forums can be found here: OUR FORUMS - you will need to login to see all our forums.

Irc: #UFO


Rebel Republic

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