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Anarchy Bug

Uther Pendragon

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I saw on here that stuff like this seems to be happening all over, but not sure what is up with this, so I'll make the report.

This is actually two-fold issue. The following nation:




was in anarchy due to attacks upon it. While in anarchy it was both defeated in battle while troops were below 20% (real AND effective soldier strength) of the working population and recieved an automatic defeat alert. Yet the next day (under 24 hours later) it was able to switch government out of anarchy. Since then it has 3 or 4 times been below both 20% actual and modified soldier strength of the working population, and defeated in battle, yet it has not returned to anarchy.

It seems that first problem is that the 3 day anarchy counter on the nation was not reset after it was initially thrown into anarchy, as it should never have been out of anarchy due to defeat alerts, and that secondly once out of anarchy it has some form of anti-anarchy bug because it has on several occassions met the criteria listed for being thrown into anarchy, as it has been below 20% actual and modified soldiers, and defeated in a ground attack while in that weakened state and still not been thrown into anarchy.

thank you for looking at this.

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