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The Sultans of Swing have been around a long time(about 9 months), I myself have been there almost 200 days and am a member of our governing council. We're a strong alliance for our size(I think so anyway)at 40 members and about 580k total strength. We've never posted on these forums to my knowledge, so I want to use this thread as sort of an introduction as well as a means of recruitment hopefully. We're a very economic alliance, building ourselves with tech deals from within the alliance. We have quite a few embassies but no formal treaties, needless to say, that's something we'd like to improve on, I look forward to hearing from ambassadors/diplomats. I invite everyone to check out our wiki where you will find a short history of our alliance and how it was formed, as well as our governing charter. If you are interested is joining as a member or diplomat, our forums can be found here. Edited by Drugnut
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