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President Chris

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Welcome all those who want to join an alliance. Well SDAON is the place for you we are small, sizeable alliance looking for new members to join our cause. In SDAON you will find that everyone has a voice and is heard. Also you will find we will have war aid or any financial assistance when you need it. Hope you will consider join SDAON for more info on SDAON or if you have any questions please Contact President Chris at Isla Cruces

Our Charter:

The following is the Charter for the SDAON Alliance. We would like to give credit to the Auxiliary Army since the framework of our Charter is based on them and the writer didn't feel like coming up with a whole new one himself.

The following document is regarded as the most important law in SDAON.

Article I: Admission

A. In becoming a member of SDAON, a nation:

1. Has agreed become a member of any Team within one week of their acceptance into SDAON.

2. Is not a member of another alliance prior to submitting a membership application to SDAON.

3. Is not in a war initiated by them prior to submitting a membership application to SDAON.

4. Is not a declared enemy of another alliance.

5. Has read and agreed to uphold this Charter.

Article II: General Assembly

A. The General Assembly of SDAON is the chief legislative body of the alliance. It is composed of every nation within the alliance each having a term of life.

B. Powers of the General Assembly:

1. Discussing matters and/or disputes.

2. Proposing, debating and passing legislations.

3. Overriding a vetoed legislation.

4. Overriding a court ruling.

5. Ratifying treaties and/or declaring it null and void.

6. Approving a declaration of war and/or declaration of peace.

7. Funding and maintenance of all departments and programs within the alliance.

8. Declaring the incapacity of a Government Officer and elect replacements, after a passing of vote of no confidence.

9. Electing the President.

C. When voting, the following must occur for a vote to pass:

1. Legislation: Simple majority approval.

2. Overriding a vetoed legislation: two-third-majority approval.

3. Overriding a court ruling: five-sixth-majority approval.

4. Ratifying a treaty and/or declaring it null and void: five-sixth-majority approval.

5. Approving a declaration of war and/or declaration of peace: two-third-majority approval.

6. Recalling: five-sixth-majority approval.

7. Electing the President: Simple majority approval.

Article III: Executives

A. The President is the Head of State in SDAON, and his/her power includes:

1. Vetoing any legislation from the General Assembly, except the one to remove him/her or other Government Officers.

2. Releasing official statements from SDAON to the Cyber Nations world.

3. The authority to declare a State of Emergency if he/she sees fit.

A. The Cabinet consist of:

1. The Supreme Commander in Chief who is responsible for the safety of the alliance and its members.

2. The Bank Chairman who is responsible for handling all the financial needs of the SDAON such as war recovery, war assistance and other financial assistance.

3. The Ambassador who is responsible for seeking to open relations and communicating with other alliances, making treaties, admitting diplomats from other alliances, and appointing diplomats.

Article IV: Elections

A. Procedures:

1. Nomination period will start on the very first day of April, July, Septemeber, November, and Janurary, and it will close at the end of the second day.

2. Any member of SDAON can nominate and second two nations.

3. Nominated nations must confirm in order to become an official candidate in the elections.

4. Debating will follow on the third day until the end of the fourth day. All candidates are required to participate.

5. Voting will begin on the fifth day and close at the end of the seventh day.

6. If there is a tie, then their will be a debate on who is best fit for the job as President.

B. Term Limits:

1. Each term will last two months.

2. No member of SDAON will serve as President for more than four consecutive terms.

Article V: War

A. SDAON is a peaceful alliance and will attack when attacked on first.

B. The following are SDAON's policies on war:

1. If a member of SDAON is attacked by an unaligned nation or a member of another alliance, SDAON will use diplomacy first before retaliating - if our demands are not met.

2. Members of SDAON are forbidden to declare war on a nation without permission from the Supreme Commander in Chief.

3. SDAON will defend its allies if they are attacked unjustly, with approval from the President or Supreme Commander in Chief.

Article VI: Amendments

A. All Amendments to this Constitution requires a two-third-majority vote of the General Assembly, and must be approved by the current President.

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