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Alliance War Resignations/Surrenders

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If you're not going to surrender please rebuy your military and actually fight back. I'm so bored.

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I Ducky, will NEVER EVER surrender!!!!!!!!

Never will my nation surrender to a bunch of hoodlums! NPO FOREVER!!!!!!

All you Pacificans who surrender are cowards!

Long live the Moo!!!!!!!!!


To: Ducky is King From: Sande Date: 4/28/2009 1:08:37 PM

Subject: Surrender!

Message: Hello. This is a message from the coalition of alliances currently at war with your alliance. This war is over, our side is twice the size of

yours, and we grow larger every day, while your side collapses. You do not need to get dragged to destruction for leaders that are too stubborn to know when to quit.

Simply Post a resignation here:


Decomission your soldiers to less than 50% of your total population

Destroy your tanks, Cruise Missiles, Nuclear weapons and military improvements,

And change your alliance affilliation to Karma PoW

The send peace to those you are at war with, and it will all end.

Thank you.


Stop spamming me as I am not interested in joining your worthless coalition of cowards! :D

You found the right thread for this message.

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I Yuri Baddic of Rubber Ducky Division Surrender to Karma

"E'en a crow o' th' same nest; not altogether so great as the first in goodness, but greater a great deal in evil. He excels his brother for a coward, yet his brother is reputed one of the best that is. In a retreat he outruns any lackey; marry, in coming on he has the cramp..."

Perhaps I am... but no longer can I watch as RDD crumble. Honorably we engage thy foe, but for a cause not of thy heart. I understand RDD's position, but I cannot support it.

As you may be aware, I am in peace mode, but not as insurance to the alliance, or as an act of cowardice, but an act of defiance; an abstainer.

For hundreds of days I have hoped the defeat of NPO, her allies and the lapdogs so keen to kneel by her side with all obedience. Now the time has come to see it burn and burn it will.

I remember the Golden Saber days, I was even there for its creation. To far gone from it's path have I wondered. To this end, I will follow Disman in due time, but for now I surrender to the team I hold to heart.

To end NPO, for Karma, for the Golden Sabers legacy!


Yuri Baddic of Sakatano

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I Sarin surrender to the forces of Karma

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I Troy of the nation of Oseann surrender to Posision Clan and have agreed to become a Karma POW.

P.s Great Fight ;)

Edited by Troy89

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A reminder that this thread is only for surrender posts, not for discussion or grandstanding. Any non-surrender posts will result in warns, no exceptions.

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