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Alliance War Resignations/Surrenders


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Originally posted by Smith.

War means resignations. Don't flood the forums, post here.

Do not reply to resignations unless you are resigning yourself.

Do not post here if you are not resigning or posting a resignation for somebody who can't access the forums due to registration being turned off. If you do so you will receive a warning.

This is strictly for those resigning from a current alliance conflict.

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I Satanspot surrender to Sir Lord Baker

i followed the terms to the letter just so Norden Verein could start air striking me again, at least when i had a military i could fight back now im just getting bombed out of existence for decomissioning my planes

Edited by Satanspot
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I, Real Time Ultra Love, of A Tribe Called Quest, resign the war and surrender to The Aquatic Brotherhood.

My alliance has been changed, CMs and aircraft decommissioned, and minimum troops demilitarized as requested.

Edited by Real Time Ultra Love
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