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If your question in any way relates to your nation, your question belongs in the Game Abuse section of the Moderation forum. YOU MAY NOT APPEAL IN-GAME ACTIONS.

If your question relates to your forum account, your question belongs in the Forum Abuse section of the Moderation forum, or the Warn and Ban Appeals forum, whichever is more appropriate.

De-masking requests are made in a stickied thread in Forum Abuse. Masking requests can only be made by your alliance leaders, not you.

If in doubt, READ THE STICKIES in each Moderation forum to determine where your query is best placed.

YOU MAY NOT HAVE MULTIPLE USERS ON ONE NETWORK/IP, and no, this is not negotiable nor do we make exceptions. If you are caught breaking this rule, which you agreed to when you electronically signed the TOS upon creation of your nation, your nation/s will be deleted.

We DO NOT restore deleted nations or "reimburse" nation resources.

If you have ever even ONCE logged in to the same computer as another nation, YOUR NATIONS MAY NEVER INTERACT (aid, trade, and war against each other or together against other nations). Your cheat flag is deserved and if you continue your nation will be deleted.

Finally, don't PM moderators asking questions you already know the answer to (such as the above). As stated, we don't play favorites and we don't make exceptions. Above all,


Anyone who posts a repeat thread/posts a thread in the wrong forum/PMs a staff member about a question that has already be answered will find their thread ignored and their warn level raised.

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