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Global Organization of Republics

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Global Organization of Republics

Official Information and Sign Up Thread

Important Information

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GOOR Wiki Page

About The Alliance

Global Organization of Republics (GOOR) is a new alliance created to help your nation develop and insure peace and prosperity to your nation. GOOR is a neutral alliance when it comes to war, although it will put up a fight if provoked. All new members will receive aid starting at $50,000 once you've been in the alliance for a week. Nations of Blue colors will be accepted, however we do have a trading forum, so we'll do our very best to get you the your trades back. We also hold various competitions, have an active forum, have an arcade and not too mention are a friendly bunch of people, so why not join today?

Short History

The Global Organization of Republics was founded by our current leader, Nick449. Starting in late April 2007, he began on his own, unaware of the long and lengthy task ahead of him. Before long, the forums were created and members were coming through the door. In a space of under nine days 40 members applied for membership. With such a high rate of growth the alliance looked very promising.

However, with such a flood of applications, came it's downside. There was no one to fill out any jobs. Many of the new recruits were new nations, could the leader trust his new members? Well, Yes, many of GOOR's ministers are still the members he first choose. So, with a high members list in such a small time, with all alliance positions sorted, surely something could go wrong? Nope, apart from the odd rogue, the alliance still maintains a high success rate and a very high rate of trust.

Benefits of Membership

Just want it plain and simple? Want to know the real benefits of joining our alliance? Ok, well.. First, once you've been in the alliance for a week you receive aid starting from $20,000. $20,000 not enough? No problem, every so often we hold alliance competitions (normally the winner receives anything from $500,000 to $3,000,000!) Not only that, a random nation receives $100,000 every ten days.

Still not convinced? Well, in our alliance we don't treat you as just a number. We teat you as a friend and as a friend you have access to our active forum and our arcade offering anything from mini golf to pinball.

I guess your probably thinking, hey, not bad but I'm a new nation, whats in it for me? Well, we take pride in young nations and each member of the alliance is always willing to help new people. Guess What, we also have a dedicated forum for help and tips so if your ever unsure of anything in he game have a look there!

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