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The Peace

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zdgnzdgnszegnszetfgbawfr_by_Anorexic_Boi.jpgThe Peace

I hereby as The President of The Peace announce our new stable, peacefull, safe alliance.

Here is our official charter:

The Peace alliance known as The Peace is a peaceful alliance that respects other alliances, and does not seek war.

Article 1. The Government:

§1.1 The Government consists of these:

The President and The Cabinet:

The Minster of Defence, The Minister of Foreign Affairs, The Minister of Internal Affairs and The Prime minister.

§1.2 The Government: Any member of the government can sue any other member of the government, or any member of the alliance.

§1.3 The President: The President has the highest priority over the alliance, he can break the cabinet if it is necessary, usually new cabinet elections are held after this. He will also officially select the diplomats from the alliance, although the Minister of Foreign Affairs can propose them to the President. The President seat is permanent. The President can fire other ministers if he finds it necessary. The President has same rights as every other member or minister has, but not same duties.

§1.4 The Cabinet: The Cabinet has the true power of alliance. The Cabinet can propose some changes in the Charter and those changes will be put on a vote by members, if it has more than 55% agreement it will pass. Every week the Cabinet can meet and discuss alliance matters.

§1.5 The Prime minister: The prime minister controls the cabinet, he/she can call emergency votes and he can fire minister out of his/her job if he/she finds it necessary. He/she also has to make sure that every minister does their jobs and behaves correctly. The Prime minister seat is permanent.

§1.6A: The Minster of Defence: In a war the Minister of Defence has the highest control over the alliance, his decisions even over goes the President's. In a peace time he makes sure that there are no spies in alliance, watch that every nation follows the law, and works as policeman.

§1.6B: Only the President can declare war or peace, but the Minister of Defence works as the commander during the war time, tech raiding is allowed to members, but they have to ask permission from Minister of Defence. If the minister of defence has not got an clearance of any nation's military action minister of defence can make him pay fine. The seat of Minister of Defence is permanent.

§1.7 The Minister of Recruitment: The Minister of Recruitment recruits everyday new members, he/she must send atleast 30 recruitments per day. And he/she makes sure that the member count in the forums and the true member count matches, if he/she suspect that there might be a spy in the alliance, he must report that to the President and to the Minister of Defence.

§1.8 The Minister of Foreign Affairs: The Minister of Foreign Affairs creates relations with other alliances, creates peace pacts, and watches for members not to attack other nations or alliances without permission. The seat of Minister of Foreign Affairs is permanent.

§1.9A: The Minister of Internal Affairs: The Minister of Internal affairs handles new members and makes sure everyone get their start up aid. He/she also can call a vote on things that he finds important within alliance.

§1.9B: His/her job is to keep members happy and active in the alliance, he/she regularly ask members how they feel in alliance, and if there is too much bureaucracy in the alliance. He/she should be creative since he/she has also the job of making new graphics for alliance when required. The seat of Minister of Internal Affairs is permanent.

Article 2. The Nations's Rights and Duties

§2.1 Every nation has certain rights and duties that they has to follow, if they wont follow the law, then they will get punished. The punishment is always a fine, never a military action. The fine can be from one dollar to billion, no limits there, and if that nation can't pay the fine, he will be kicked out.

§2.2 The Supreme judge is elected when the cabinet, or the President finds it necessary, judge can be any of the alliance members or the alliance ministers, or the President.

§2.2 The Judge has to be neutral as possible and always hear both sides of clients. If the cabinet or majority of the members (60%) thinks that the judge is corrupted, then the minister of defence shall be a temporaly judge until next judge is elected.

§2.3This is a democratic alliance so you can complain your fine in the courthouse, if you find that necessary.

§2.4 During the war time, the Minister of Defence works as the judge.

§2.5 The duties and rights for normal member nations:

§2.5A: You must change your alliance affiliation to The Peace in 5 days when you have joined this alliance.

§2.5B: You must not steal anything from this site and spread it to other sites, and that works vice versa too. So you must not steal from other sites and post here as your own.

§2.5C: You have a licence to ask start up aid when you have got the personal message from admin that you are clean, if he/she wont give your start up aid in 5 days after he/she has accepted you, report him to courthouse.

§2.5D: If you feel you do want to resign from this alliance, make sure you do it officially in resigning section. If you don't do this and resign without telling us, then you will be considered still as an alliance member and you will have to pay departing fine wich is defined by your nation strenght.

§2.5E: Ministers can give warnings to members but they can sue them straight if they think a member has violated the rules too much. A minister have always give an reason why he/she warned a certain member.

§2.5F: Any member who fails to obey the warnings then a member who has atleast 3 warnings, will be fined. If a member gets 5 warnings, he/she will be banned from the alliance.

§2.5G: You must not start time wasting cases in courthouse or you will be fined for humiliating the court.

§2.5H: A minimum fine for breaking a rule or law section is $10,000. This applies to all sections of this charter and forum rules.

§2.5I: The fine for court case is defined by your nation's strength, the bigger it is, the more expensive it will get if you lose. But the court case cost is always at least $50,000. So try to settle issues by talking first.

§2.5J: If someone suspects that the supreme judge is corrupted, then he must pm some other minister at once, if that certain minister agrees with this, then there will be emergency elections for new judge, this rule applies to minister positions too.

§2.5K: The loser of the court case has to pay his/her fine to one of the banker nations.

If he/she wont pay the fine in 5 days, then his fines will be doubled, and if after another 5 days he still wont pay his fines, then his fines will be tripled.

§2.5L: The money that is spend on court cases will go to banker nation, who handles the aiding and supporting stuff.

§2.5M: This applies to payed fines too, the money will go to banker nation.

§2.5N: If a member nation is caught spying for some other nation and/or alliance, then this nation will be kicked out from the alliance, and considered as an enemy.

§2.5O: Every member nation has to join the army during the peace time, and in the war time they are under direct command of Minister of Defence.

§2.5P: If a member nation wont join the army, then he is considerd as a spy.

§2.5Q: You have to obey direct orders from the president or from the ministers

Article 3. War and peacetime

§3.1 Although The Peace alliance seeks enlightenment and peace in every way possible, it will get involved in a war sooner or later, when that happens the following rules will over rule anything else:

§3.2 The Minister of Defence will become the highest priority, he/she will create battle plans, organize the troops and such. Banker nations are in his/her command and all the money will be used to aid and buy stronger military. This only means the money that alliance has, not banker nation's personal money, only the money they have donated to the alliance.

§3.3 He/She will be given the right to kick anyone instantly if that nation might be a spy. But this is only during war time.

§3.4 The Peace alliance don't use defcon levels as alerting the alliance, The Peace only has 2 stances:

Relax In Peace = RIP


At War = AW

§3.5 Even if the war occur, we shall first seek peace trough negotiating, and military actions are our last option.

§3.6 If any member get attacked by a nation that is in alliance, or even if he/she is not in alliance, then the victim nation must ask instructions from Minister of Defence first, before doing anything else. No member nation can start war without Minister of Defence's permission. For all military actions, a nation has to ask the permission from Minister of Defence, if that certain nation wont ask permission then he has to pay the fine wich is $50, 000 in minimum. This fine will increase if necessary.

Article 4. Aid and trade agreements

§4.1 Start up aid is currently 100,000.

§4.2 It is Minister of Internal Affairs's duty to make sure that every nation which has legal right to ask aid, will get it.

§4.3 Alliance wont regulate trades you have, you can have them with anyone you like, although if a nation from this alliance offers a trade it is preferred that you accept, although not compulsory.

§4.4 Diplomats are immune to our laws, you can't sue them.

Article 5. The Symbols

§5.1 The official alliance colour is yellow. So please change your nation team colour to yellow, it is not compulsory, but preferred.

§5.2 It is Minister of Internal Affairs's duty to keep an eye that The Peace is represented by peace symbols, this don't mean hippy symbols.

§5.3 His/Her job is to create a flag, anthem, motto, forum skin etc.

§5.4 Symbols will be placed for a vote, and if 55% of those who voted agrees with them, those will then pass.

As you may have noticed you will get start up aid and you can sue ministers and other members and even the president

You can join here:


So come on... register... be part of it!

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It matters little if we just started or would have been here for years, in either case we will remain peacefull.

Even if some one attacks us, we discuss it diplomatically first, and military action is our last resort, and we are never the attacking side, never.

That is a promise to all of you.

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