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Go back to the beginnings of CN, mix a little bit of oligarchal and slight democratic values, and you end up with what the alliance known as Genesis is all about: Meritocracy. Participation within Genesis is key to the alliance. We grow in trust of each other, and we grow with trust in each other. Rather than a focusing on growth in alliance number size, Genesis focuses on the growth of each individual.

First and foremost, Genesis is a blue-team alliance. The alliance is headed by a Trinity, responsible for all of the day to day activities of its members. Four ministers are appointed by the Trinity, each responsible for a seperate corner of the alliance, and each holding one vote in Congress: Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of Finance, and Minister of Defense. A fifth minister is elected by the people: Minister of Communications. The government of Genesis, both the Trinity and Congress, work in cooperation with each other for the good of the whole.

Genesis has all of the basic support that many alliances have, and then some. The founders of Genesis have, together, an un-matched knowledge of the major points that make an alliance successful in Cybernations. Lemeard, an ex-member of TOP, and once Grand Hospitaller and Grandmaster of TOP, has gained an extensive knowledge of the CN universe through his numerous positions. Empirica, one-time Council Member in IRON, as well as a an ex-senator from the ODN, has grown friendly with many politically affluent people in her stays in both ODN and IRON. Templar, known for his 'I request no ODN-ers' speeches, adds a serious, yet strong voice to the alliance. He spent 5 terms as a senator from the ODN, and held numerous other roles within the alliance. Together, these three members of the Trinity can not steer Genesis wrong.

Genesis has a fully operational banking system, under the expertise of Lego2Build. Genesis's military operation is currently on the shoulders of a strong, capable military leader: Rodina of Stoyeruss. Currently serving the position of MoIA, is, yours truly. The MoFA is still up for grabs, though embassy requests are already available within the alliance.

If it's strength you are worried about, look no further than Ozlund, the number 3 nation in Cybernations, who has currently established a home within our alliance. WIth only 16 members, we are already hovering around the 350k NS mark. We have an average NS around 20,000, accompanied by 21 nukes, named and ready for.. well. er. looking at.

Involvement is key to the foundation and the flourishing of Genesis. Checking the forums more than once weekly is highly recommended. For the time being, Genesis has an open recruitment policy. We are strict on ghosts, and look unfavorably upon them.

Please keep in mind, that as Genesis is a new alliance, the fate of the alliance is still being molded. The alliance is still very impressionable. Now is the prime time to join Genesis.

If you are interested in being a part of this new, exciting alliance, then please visit our forums at: Genesis Forums


Minister of Internal Affairs


Article I: Admission

1) All who wish to join must change their Alliance Affiliation to Genesis Applicant. Should an outside force declare war on the Applicant during this time, they will be entitled to the same protection that is given to full members.

2) Applying Nations will be under the supervision of the MoIA for 2 weeks. During this time, their activities will be monitored. Either the MoIA or Trinity may deny membership, based on the 2 week period.

3) It is strongly encouraged that all members join the Blue Team. Any Applying nation under 30 days of age or under 5k NS will be required to join the Blue Team before being accepted.

4) No member of Genesis may be a member of another alliance.

5) Genesis reserves the right to deny any member admission at any time.

6) All Applying Nations must take the following Oath before being Considered:

I, <Ruler Name> do hereby swear to uphold the Charter of Genesis. I will respect my fellow members and obey the Trinity. I will maintain my loyalty to Genesis and will not join any others. I will not make statements on Genesis policy unless directed to by the Trinity. I vow not to use or threaten to use my military in an Offensive manner without the strict permission from the Minister of Defense or the Trinity.

Article II: Membership

1) Once a Nation has fulfilled the requirements defined in Article I, they will be granted Membership

2) Full Members must set and keep their Alliance Affiliation as Genesis at all times unless ordered otherwise by the Trinity.

3) Member Nations found in Non-Compliance with the Oath or Charter will be subject for disciplinary action from Genesis leadership.

4) Any Member of Genesis who wishes to resign should post an official resignation on the alliance forum after all existing debts are repaid.

5) Any member in good standing is allowed to run for for a democratically electe dposition within the alliance.

Code of Conduct

Genesis strives to be an honourable and respectable alliance. We expect our members to act in an accomodating manner. Members are to be respectful and keep a civil tone in any debate or discussion, with alliance members, or foreign dignitaries.

If a member of Genesis violates these simple instructions the Trinity will have authority to decide which consequences that will take place. The punishment will be based on the indivudal case and will be handed out as the Trinity sees fit.

Article III: Aggression

1) All war authorizations must come from the Trinity or Minister of Defense

2) Members found to be engaged in unauthorized war will be expelled.

3) Members who launch nuclear first strikes with no authorization will be kept in a state of perpetual destruction.

Article IV: Response to Aggression

1) An attack on one member is considered an attack on the entirety of the alliance.

2) Aggression from outside forces must be reported immediately to the appropriate area of the forum.

3) Attacked members have the right to conduct like kind and number of attacks.

4) Trinity or Minister of Defense may grant authorization to launch nuclear weapons on rogue attackers.

5) All aggressor nations with an alliance affilation must be reported immediately to government so government may verify membership. Attacked nations may still use like kind retaliatory counter attacks for every attack received.

Article V: Trade and Aid

1) Members may trade with any nation they wish, though trading within the alliance is encouraged in the interests of promoting friendship and morale.

2) Members are requested to give trading partners no less than 24 hours notice when cancelling a trade.

3) Members are encouraged to aid each other.

4) Members may aid those outside the alliance, as long as it conflicts with no current treaties, and the nations being aided are not at war.

Article VI: Government

1) Genesis will be governed by two institutions, the Trinity and the Congress, that will lead the alliance with powers granted in the following paragraphs.

2) The Trinity

I) Powers of the Trinity

A. Consists of three members.

B. Leads and oversees the alliance.

C. May veto any Congress decision with a 2/3 vote.

D. May take disciplinary actions against members that breaks the Charter with an unanimous vote.

E. Has the final say on mutual defense treaties with an unanimous vote.

F. Has the final say on all other treaties with 2/3 majority vote.

G. May approve or veto Charter amendment with an unanimous vote.

H. May approve legislation with an unanimous vote after passing Congress

I. May declare war with an unanimous vote.

J. May appoint Congress with an unanimous vote.

K. Receives all authority not given elsewhere in the Charter.

II) Appointment

A. If a position within the Trinity should become vacant the remaining members decide on a replacement with an unanimous vote.

B. A Council member may be removed from the council by a 2/3's majority vote in the Council and a 4/5's majority in the Congress

3) The Congress

I) Powers of the Congress

A. Consists of five members.

B. Each member of the Congress holds one vote

C. May draw up legislation and pass with 4/5's majority. Legislation then goes to Trinity for approval.

D. May negotiate treaties with foreign counterparts but needs to ratify it according to Article VI:2.I.F.

E. May draw up and/or vote on any issue deemed necessary by the Trinity.

F. Can bring any issue up to the Trinity for review.

II) Appointment

A. Congress Members hold their position for one month.

Ba. Applications for Congress will be taken a week prior new appointments, over a period of 72 hours.

Bb. Nomination campaigns for Minister of Communications will be open 7 days prior to the end of the month.

Ca. Applications will be posted on the forum, not transmitted via PM.

Cb. Nominations for Minister of Communications will be posted on the forum 5 days prior to the end of the month until the end of the month.

Cc. Nominations for Minister of Communications requires to be seconded by a member of Genesis to be able to run in the election.

Da. Trinity will convene and judge each application solely on merit, and render a decision 5 days after the beginning of application's start.

Db. The Minister of Communications will be choosen in an election that starts 2 days prior to the end of the month and closes at the end of the month.

E. Congressional appointments requires unanimous Trinity vote.

F. Each member will only be able to hold one office at the time.

G. Each member will only be able to run for one office at the time.

III) Positions

A.Congress is made up of 5 offices. Each position carries the power of one vote. Each Congress member is head of a separate department, and they may select alliance members to assist with operations.

B. Minister of Internal Affairs

1. Draws up internal legislation for vote

2. Organizes awards and programs to boost forum activity

3. Appoints the Head of Recruitment to help with recruiting

C. Minister of Foreign Affairs

1. Appoints Ambassadors

2. Makes arrangements for embassies/masking

3. May establish embassies at other alliance forums.

4. May make recommendations on treaties to Trinity

D. Minister of Defense

1. Responsible for setting up military procedure and protocol

2. In times of war, responsible for allocating targets

3. In times of peace or war, responsible for activity drills and defense

E. Minister of Financing

1. May institute aid programs for the alliance

2. Responsible for organizing aid chains

F. Minister of Communications

1. Will be elected by the Genesis membership

2. Will be responsible for communication between the membership and the government

3. Holds one vote as every other congress member

Article VII: Protocols

1) Legislation

2) May be passed by the Congress with 4/5 majority.

3) Trinity may overrule Congress with a 2/3 vote.

4) Any member in good standing may propose legislation for vote.

5) Congress will have 72 hours to debate the proposal.

6) Congress will then have an additional 48 hours to vote on it.

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I'm going to request that this thread be closed. The OP is no longer a member of Genesis, hasn't been in some time, and I am going to be posting a more up to date thread myself in the coming week or so. I think there's another one floating around somewhere posted by Lemeard as well. (Also no longer a member). I don't want to violate any rules by having more than one open, but I can't edit any of the current ones to make it more up to date. Thank you.

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