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Macedonia Alliance

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About the Macedonia Alliance

The Macedonia Alliance is a new Cybernations alliance.Macedonia is in the BLUE team sphere.We welcome all nations to join the alliance.All we ask is that when you join,you stay active,have fun,and help us make the alliance community the best it can be.

Founded: March 8th,2008

What We Offer

Start Up Aid and In-Game Aid

Loan Programs

Trade Circles and Tech Deals

Leadership Positions

Freedom of Speech

Allied and Alliance Protection

Voice in Alliance Growth and Affairs

Close Knit Community of Friends

As A Macedonian Citizen

As a citizen in the Macedonia Alliance, you will receive not only a friendship,but full support in this community.You will receive all the necesary tools and advice to make your nation succeed.From Aid,loans,tech deals,nation resource trading,and much more.Macedonia is a democratic alliance,and as such,all citizens of Macedonia have an equal say in alliance matters from the minute their citizenship is approved.

New Citizen Application:Click here to Join


We the citizens of the Blue Team, do hereby assert ourselves as a unified Alliance for the protection and prosperity of our Citizens.The following binding document is proof of our dedication to the establishment of the Macedonia Alliance.

Purpose of the Alliance

The purpose of Macedonia is to enjoy the game and to provide a fun and friendly community for our citizens.

Section 1: Admission,Citizenship and Expulsion

Article 1: Membership

i..Any nation, may apply for citizenship in the Macedonia alliance.

ii. A nation may be barred from entrance to the Macedonia alliance if it doesn't fulfill the requirements to join.

iii. The Macedonia Alliance is a BLUE Team Alliance.All new members must change to BLUE upon citizenship approval.

Article 2: Expulsion from the Alliance

i. A citizen may be expelled if that citizen violates any part of the Macedonia Constitution,and/or rules set forth by the alliance.

Article 3: Resignation from the Alliance

i.Citizens may resign from the Alliance at any time for any reason.Such resignations must be posted in the Resignation Centre. We ask that if you resign,and you hold a leadership position,that you notify us at least 14 days in advance.

Article 4: Rights of Macedonia Citizens

i. All citizens have the right to vote in alliance elections and other polls.

ii. All citizens have the right to free speech.

iii. All citizens have the right to a fair trial conducted by the Senate.

iv. All citizens have the right,and are encouraged to run for government positions in the Macedonia Alliance.

Basically,Macedonia citizens can come and go as they please.We just ask that they follow the rules and constitution,and treat other citizens as they would want to be treated.

Section 2: Macedonian Leadership

i. Chancellor

The Chancellor has complete say in all matters of the alliance. It is their responsibility to oversee all happenings within the alliance.The Chancellor appoints all leadership,except Senators...which are elected by the citizens of Macedonia.

ii. Prime Minister

The Prime Minister will be in charge of presiding over the Senate ensuring that all citizen rights are upheld and defended. The PM is also in charge of the day-to-day Alliance matters.

iii. Minister or Defense

The Minister of Defense oversees all plans for attack and defence of the alliance.

iv. Minister of Diplomatic Affairs

The MODA is also responsible for negotiating treaties with foreign powers and organizing the diplomatic corps. The MODA is in charge of all diplomatic relations for the Macedonia Alliance.

v. Minister of Internal Affairs

The Minister of Internal Affairs is in charge of new membership applications,the mentr programs, as well as educating,assisting and recruiting new members for the alliance.

vi. Minister of Finance and Trade

The Minister of Trade and Finance (MOFT) is responsible for aiding all member nations in getting trades, for managing and organizing the alliance banks and for establishing all aid.Membership Department

vii.The Membership and Recruiting Department

The MRD is run by the Minister of Membership. The MRD purpose is to insure all matters of information about the alliance is kept up, as well as keeping up recruitment for the alliance.

Article 3: Senate

i. The Senate is made up of the citizens of Macedonia,through elections..

ii. Senators are elected once a year by the citizens of Macedonia.

iii. The Senate votes on all treaties, and those treaties will be passed by a simple majority.

iv. v. The Senate, and the Minister of Defense may declare war on a foreign power with a two thirds decision. The Prime Minster may declare war without approval of the Senate only if Emergency Powers are in affect at the time.

v. All legislation passed by the Senate,must be signed off on by the Chancellor,and the Prime Minister.If for some reason the Prime Minister is not present to sign off on legislation,within 3 days time,the Chancellor may sign the legislation.

Section 3: Parliament

Article 1: Legislation

i. The Senate may veto any amendments to the constitution.

ii. The Senate is reponsible for upholding and emforcing the Constitution.

iii. The Senate oversees all punishments in violation of the constitution,and alliance laws,etc. When serious violations occur,they are required to send notice of the offenses to the Chancellor.

Section 4: War Declaration,Agression,Mediation,and Nuke Policy

1. Macedonia is a peaceful alliance. Attacks on other nations are not permitted.

2. In the event of an alliance conflict, diplomatic efforts will be the first course of action.All diplomatic means will be exhausted first.The Macedonia Alliance wishes to do what is ever necessary to keep from engaging in a war at all costs!

Section 2: Aggression Policy

No alliance member will engage in unauthorized wars of aggression for any purpose.

Any act of war must be approved by the Alliance leadership,and Minister of Defense.

Section 3: Nuclear Policy

The Macedonia Alliance has instituted a no nukes policy. Any nation that uses nukes against any citizen or allie,will be subject to retaliation.

Section 4: Mediation

If there comes a time when 2 alliances are at odds,and needs some non-biased diplomatic help, the Macedonia alliance would be willing to help mediate any and all diplomatic efforts.

Section 5: Mergers, Disbandenment and Amendments

Article 1: Mergers

i. Alliance mergers may only be approved by the Senate.

ii. A merger is defined as when a foreign power joins the alliance as a whole, and the alliance changes neither its name nor its charter/constitution, and accepts no new treaties in the process of the merger.

iii. All mergers must be passed by a two-thirds majority of the Senate,and must be signed off on by the Prime Minister.

Article 2: Disbanding

i. In order for the alliance to disband, it takes the approval of the Senate and the signature of the Triumvirate.

Article 3: Amendments

i. This Constitution may be amended by a two thirds votes of the Senate, and approved by the citizens of Macedonia.If there isn't enough to make a 2/3 vote,the Prime Minister,Chancellor,or both, may approve the amendment with a signature!

Section 6: Elections

Elections within the alliance will begin after the citizenship hits the 40 citizen mark.Elections will be be stopped if we drop below 40 citizens,at any time.

This concludes the official document that is called the Constitution of Macedonia.

Hereby signed and approved,

Lady Athena, Chancellor of Macedonia

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