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Paying Taxes

Kell Shock

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I know that if you don't collect income for more than 20 days your nation is deleted for inactivity, but is there a limit to how often you need to pay taxes? Can I just let them build up for like a month or so?

After about three days, you can't purchase much of anything. You'll also only be able to launch ground attacks.

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but, besides the fact that there is no limit, there is a limit about the amount of cash you can collect without paying your bills.

as you can see at the game update log:


- A possible exploit with the way bills and taxes are structured in the game has been corrected. An income penalty of -2% for every day of unpaid bills after the 19th day has been added to the game. The income penalty is structured as follows:

20th day = -20% income

21th day = -22% income

22th day = -24% income


40th day = -60% income

60th day = -100% income

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