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A possible exploit with the way bills and taxes are structured in the game has been corrected. An income penalty of -2% for every day of unpaid bills after the 19th day has been added to the game. The income penalty is structured as follows:

20th day = -20% income

21th day = -22% income

22th day = -24% income


40th day = -60% income

60th day = -100% income

doesn't this mean that a situation could arise whereby someone who is billocked won't be able to get themselves out of billock?

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you can always sell off infra to get out of bill lock.

you are just not longer able to collect 100days while not paying bills, stockpiling 600M cash, then selling everything, paying 0 bills, and doing a 20days backcollectiong with a 600M cash boost, which will instantly catapult you to around 10k infra -_-

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