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Mauves Collective

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Having just passed 100.000 NS, the Mauves Collective would like to present you with the one-stop solution to 'join my alliance' spam:


We have many new nations amongst our ranks, just like yours. We teach them tricks, pet them softly with aid trains and feed them pro-Mauves propaganda, the breakfast of champions!

Some general information:

- Mauves Collective is a purple team alliance

- Mauves Collective is under protection of UPN and Invicta

- Mauves Collective is lead by a Chief Officer and two Consuls

- Mauves Collective differentiates Soldier and Citizen membership to accustom to different players' likings

- Aid and help in any way are available to all - new members receive 1 million in sign-up aid

Being a young alliance (almost one month old now!), there is every chance for younger and older nations alike to either casually enjoy our AA as well as a more active approach - there will be positions available for active players that wish to go a little deeper into this game as we lay the fundament for the future of the Mauves Collective.

We currently have almost 30 members, and although we aim for quality over quantity, we are always looking for brand new nations willing to give it a go!

If you are interested in joining an upcoming purple team alliance, please visit:


(or just send one of us a PM, preferably someone who has not been inactive for 12 days)


Chief Officer of the Mauves Collective

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