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Infrastructure & Bills


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Today I checked my nation to pay bills. I found out that my Infrastructure bills were way too high. Yesterday, I was paying $1.8M tops in total bills. Today, I'm paying over $3.3M. Nothing has happened since yesterday that could possibly change the value per infra point. I'm certain that I paid my bills yesterday (on the 17th). Here's the bills' details:

Last Bill Payment Date 3/17/2008

Days Since Last Bill Payment 1

Current Money Available $294,027,930.69

Begin Detailed Summary

Only items that you own are shown

Infrastructure Purchased 4,999.99

Daily Infrastructure Cost (Per 1 Unit) $623.50

Infrastructure Bill $3,117,493.77

Number of Soldiers 20,010 (28,526)

Daily Soldier Cost (Per 1 Unit) $2.00

Soldier Bill $40,020.00

Number of Aircraft 60

Daily Aircraft Cost (Per 1 Unit) $200.00

Aircraft Bill $12,000.00

Number of Nation Improvements 45

Daily Improvement Bill $2,000.00

Improvement Bill $90,000.00

Number of National Wonders 6

Daily Wonders Bill $5,000.00

Wonder Bill $30,000.00

End Detailed Summary

Total Cost of All Bills $3,289,513.77

Interest Charged on All Bills $0.00

10% per day. (Max $5000)

No interest on first day.

Total Bill Payment $3,289,513.77

The bolded part indicates the strange increase. Yesterday I was barely paying around $300ish per unit of infra. I've checked and none of my trades have been dropped, and I'm not in Anarchy :P

This is my nation:


Visual proof:


Thank you in advance.

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