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The Imperial Assault Alliance


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Are you looking for an alliance that shares your personal interests, and that provides a close-knit, friendly community? Then the Imperial Assault Alliance (IAA) is right for you.


Though the IAA is based on the Star Wars Universe, our members share more than a passion for Star Destroyers and lightsabers. The IAA shares a close friendship between all members, and provides a community that will support and entertain its members.


But the IAA is more than just friendship. We also provide a strong defense against the tech-raiders and hostile alliances of the Cyberverse.


The Imperial military will stop at nothing to protect its members, and the brotherhood of the military draws all Imperials closer together, into one of the strongest communities in CN.


So join the CN alliance that uses lasers, not bullets, that builds spacecraft, not aircraft. In the end, Imperium Increbresco – the Empire Prevails!


To join the IAA, sign up on our forums, located here:


Then, fill out the required information in the Imperial Security Bureau, and you’ll be a full-fledged member of the Imperial Assault Alliance. Welcome!


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