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64Digits is a small white team alliance. We may be small, but we're certainly not weak, with an average NS of over 14k as of posting.

64Digits believes, above all else, in protecting the freedoms of it's members:

A. Rights

1. The Right to speak in a time, place, and manner of one's choosing shall not be infringed.

a. Unless you are an asshat.

2. The Right to possess and use any weapon one can obtain shall not be infringed.*

3. The Right to defend oneself shall never be infringed.

4. The Right to remove yourself from the alliance at any time shall not be infringed.

*Does not apply to first strike nukes during alliance wars

We are a protectorate of TPF and a signatory of the OPP bloc. We believe in diplomacy first, but will not hesitate, should diplomacy fail, to defend ourselves via military action.

We allow tech raiding of unaligned nations. Regulations on tech raiding can be found on our forums.

We believe in loyalty. If you're looking for a temporary home to hide, or if you plan on running the second there's a war, don't apply. We expect all members to contribute.

We have active aid programs for small loyal nations designed to quickly build their nations up. By "Programs" I mean I like to give cash to small members a lot.

We have a fairly open recruitment policy, and as long as you're loyal, and nobody is looking to kill you, you'll probably be accepted. We don't believe in turning down people just because they don't have a lot of NS.

To join, simply visit the recruitment board on our forums:


And follow the registration instructions.

If you have any questions about our alliance, feel free to ask here or on our forums.

Thanks :)

Useful links:

Website: http://cybernations.64digits.com/index.php

Wiki: http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/64Digits

IRC: #cn64 on irc.coldfront.net

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