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Our Recruiting Thread

We have been in existence for 1 week today.I know its not long a sothers.But,we are growing our way.

There are plenty of govt positions open.So,it allows new citizens a chance to help shape the alliance.

Our govt is appointed for now.All senators are elected.Our first election will be when we reach a certain amout of citizens.

So,you have an opportunity to join and help us grow.

So,come and join us!

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I think that you might find the Imperial Assault Alliance to your liking.

The IAA is a combination of direct democracy and a representative government, with bi-monthly elections. New members are often able to acheive government posts quickly, if they show a particular aptitude for government. For example, I acheived the office of Head of the Department of Communications after spending less than a month in the alliance, though I have extensive CN experience.

In addition, we have a close-knit community, and an active set of forums.

If you have any additional requests for information, or have any questions, you can contact me here, or find it on our forums here:


In addition, we have an IRC room on Coldfront: #IAA

Thank you for your time.

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To be honest, I'd rather have information spoonfed to me than go looking for it.

What's your government style? How old/large/respected are you? What are the odds of me getting a position?

Join OcUK if you wish.

Our Government is:

Lord Protector - Total Authority

Chancellor - Assists Lord Protector

We also have a 6 member council called the Proctorate Council that vote on and come up with new laws and initiatives.

There are no regular elections at this time as responsibility is given to those who earn it, of course any member is free to voice their ideas for consideration.

Our alliance was 1 year old on the 1st March.

Our alliance currently has 63 members + 4 recruits. Our average NS is impressive at just under 17,000. The alliance as a whole is over 1M NS.

We are one of the founding members of BLEU and as such have strong ties to the other BLEU alliances as well as other blue sphere alliances.

You are required to spend 30 days under the OcUK Recruit AA during which time you are treated as a full member except for restricted forum access. After the 30 days you will receive a graduation package of $3M and 50 Tech, access to the main alliance forum and access to the BLEU trade forums.

Most of our members are quite active.

If you're interested click on the link in my signature, if not I wish you luck finding an alliance.

You must not be registered on any ZI lists or be part of any wars to join.

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Macedonia would love to have someone like you join our alliance.

And we have plenty of leadership positions open for someone with your CN expertise!

And with Macedonia a new alliance, I am sure you could help pur alliance grow and prosper!

Have a great day!

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I am leader of an alliance that just started, called the European Union(yeah, I found out the name has been started many times). Anyways, I've been around for about 2 years(since GW1). EU has a President, Vice President and then an elected council as of right now. We have 20 members in under a month and are on the yellow team, but will accept all colors. Therefore, with only 20 members, you have good odds of getting a spot on the council if you tried.

Forums are HERE if you are interested.

-Bama :ph34r:


EU President

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