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The Legion


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The Legion offers you the following things that NO OTHER ALLIANCE in CN* offers you:

- Caek

- Fine wines

- Huggles

- Protection

- Sinatra

- ParkerBaby

- Melidan

- ShadowPhoenix

- And many other Legionnaire's exclusive to the Legion Alliance!

Join the Legion today! And if you don't...well, you don't get Caek, Fine Wines, Huggles, Protection and you know.

* Alliances that I know of

There Melidan...I helped you.

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Don't mention in Melidan...the all clear to declare war on someone...for the first time under the Legion banner was special.

Bumpered for great justice!


I've also come up with a few jingles to advertise the Legion:

Legion, Legion, a place to be

Legion Legion, come and see

Legion Legion, we have the great beef

Legion Legion, we have the great reef

Legion Legion, you and me

Legion Legion, a place to be!

It's a poem - originally made by me!

Choose Legion, the Legion.

What kind of people choose the Legion?

Fat guys, sissy guys, guys who climb on rocks

Small gals, big gals and even gals with chicken pox

So choose Legion, the Legion.

The Alliance Kids Love to Join!


The Legion..

It's the place with a name you'd love to touch!

But you musn't touch!

The name sounds good in your ear

But when you say it...

You musn't fear!

Because the name can be said by anyone!


The Legion - abundant in caek, pi and has 6 times the huggles reserves of the NPO

Another one originally made.

Ave F'N Legio!

Another one originally made.

NPO's red,

NpO's blue,

Legion's in purple

You should be there too!

Another one originally made.

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